100 Bloody Acres


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Angus Sampson as Lindsay Morgan
Damon Herriman as Reg Morgan
Oliver Ackland as James
John Jarratt as Sgt Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Radny 4 / 10

100 Bloody Minutes

Australian horror-comedy, 100 Bloody Acres starts off promising enough, but falls flat quickly as it falls into the trap of recycling past material. The film fails at both being a comedy and a horror; being cheap, tacky and clichéd, this film doesn't reach any height that a toddler couldn't.

Quite a boring expedition into the 'Wild Australian Outback' with this mock of a Wolf Creek like killer. This film adds nothing new to the genres, whilst also being completely unoriginal in it's approach. Do yourself a favor and skip this film, as I'm sure you can find a better one with the same story.

Reviewed by Hellmant 8 / 10

Unfunny "horror" film

'100 BLOODY ACRES': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Brothers Cameron and Colin Cairnes make their feature film debut writing and directing this Australian horror/comedy film about brothers who run an organic fertiliser business that's dependent on dead bodies (as it's secret ingredient) to make it work so well. One of the brother's comes across three partygoers, on their way to a music festival, and brings them home to introduce to his big brother (and the family business). The movie stars character actors Damon Herriman and Angus Sampson as the brothers and the beautiful Anna McGahan as one of their captured victims. The movie is full of dark humor and twisted gore. If you like dark Australian comedy and horror this is the movie for you.

Lindsay Morgan (Sampson) and his brother Reg (Herriman) have been running a successful organic fertiliser business for some time, that's finally getting it's first radio add, but the only problem is it's dependent on dead bodies, ran through a meat grinder, to make it work so well. The Morgan brothers have been collecting car crash victims to supply this 'secret ingredient' to their fertiliser and as the film opens Reg has just found another body at a crash site. While he's hauling the body home though he comes across a young woman, Sophie (McGahan), and her two male friends (Oliver Ackland and Jamie Kristian). Due to the lack of dead bodies recently he decides to take them home, to his brother Lindsay, to use as the fertiliser ingredient instead (in an attempt to impress his bossy older brother). Things don't go as planned though as Reg develops feelings for Sophie.

If you couldn't tell the movie is part romance as well (twisted romance). It's definitely not for the faint of heart though (or for those who become sickened by the site of blood and gore) but as a dark comedy and horror film it really works. OK, it mainly just works as a dark comedy (as it's neither scary nor very disturbing) but it is gruesome. It also surprisingly has a lot of heart. The Reg character is actually pretty likable and Sophie is one of the coolest and most ideal women a guy could hope for. I love films like this; their great as long as you don't take them seriously.

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Reviewed by sydneyswesternsuburbs 10 / 10

Classic Backwoods Flick Part 2

Cameron and Colin Cairnes wrote and directed a gem in 100 Bloody Acres.

Starring Angus Sampson has has also been in another classic flick, Insidious 2010 and a series of the classic television series, Underbelly 2008-2013.

Also starring Damon Herriman who has also been in other classic flicks, House of Wax 2005 and Praise 1998.

Also starring Anna McGahan who was also in a series of the classic television series, Underbelly 2008-2013.

Also starring John Jarrat who has also been in another classic backwoods flick, Wolf Creek 2005 and other classic flicks, Django Unchained 2012, Rogue 2007, Dead Heart 1996, The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith 1978, Dark Age 1987, Blue Murder 1995 and an episode of the classic television series Police Rescue 1989-1996.

I enjoyed the violence, comedy and the scenes where the knife gets flicked and the aunty on the chair in the lounge room scene! If you enjoyed this as much as I did then check out other classic backwoods flicks, Hatchet III 2013, The Cabin in the Woods 2012, A Lonely Place to Die 2011, Resurrection County 2008, Straw Dogs 2011, Transit 2012, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil 2010, Wolf Creek 2 2013 and Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead 2009.

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