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Idris Elba as Max
Gemma Arterton as Emily
Franz Drameh as Kingsley
Ryan Gage as Vincent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bluefoxniner 5 / 10


Fine cast, great potential here but ultimately 100 Streets just didn't do it for me. I usually enjoy this type of movie, but found it too pedestrian and a wasted opportunity, because Londoners would be great subjects for a film like this.

It might be OK to pass the time if nothing else is on...but it could have been so much better.

Reviewed by Suzie 3 / 10

Don't watch this film. It's just not good. Only one minor spoiler

I read some bad reviews for this film but as a fan of Elba I just covered my eyes and ears and said "nananana." I was wrong.

This film is just not good. If you've seen the trailer, that's about it. The whole film is in there.

The production qualities are high, the acting is mostly good, but the film is less than the sum of its parts. They should've focused on one story and expanded on it, instead of getting hints, glimpses and slices of different, completely-unrelated lives.

SPOILER I thought the stories would be intertwined, a sort of cause-and-effect type thing like many films do, but no. The stories happen in parallel. They don't really affect one another. This film could've been presented as a bunch of short films about people in London and they would've been rated poorly. END SPOILER

There simply isn't enough time to deal with all these stories. If you think that 90 minutes is enough time to deal with a failing marriage and affairs, a death, a misfit in a lethal street gang and a few subplots (if you can call them that) then this film is for you.

The trailer made it look to be all about Elba and probably revealed most of the Elba stuff. The rest is just inconsequential. The film consists of several subplots and has no major plot or overarching narrative.

It's sad to waste all the talent that went into this film - actors, director, crew, etc. when the script is so horrendously poor.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Nice little film about human interaction.

I realize the title does suggest a anthology of stories, In fact the movie technically should be called Three Streets as it contains three stories about three different people who you could say live on three different streets in London (talking more socially and culturally) .

From the trailer, I was expecting just one street with Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton. That could have been just me knowing who these two people are and just focusing on that part or it could have been a trailer met to draw in Americans with two faces we would recognized.

Either way, Elba and Arterton's street take a side step for me, as the most interesting street was about a guy named Kingsley (Played by a British face that I've seen before but can't place) who just got out of jail and does not want to go back into the life of a drug dealer so he gives acting a try after befriending one, but the streets keep trying to pull him back in (Oh wait, this dude is Firestorm on the series, The Flash).

The other story was a touching love story about a loving couple who are having trouble extending their family though adoption.

But I say all this not to suggest that Elba's performance as an Ex-Rugby player dealing with life off the field, which causes him to screw up royally with his wife (Played by Arterton), was not a great moment in the film, I mean it's Idris Elba, but it was not my favorite.

100 Streets three stories work very well as a whole movie and it's worth seeing.


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