13 Eerie


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob An 2 / 10


OK, so this is not totally totally bad and awful to get one as rating... But I also think that three would be too much...So, this gets two from me.

This is a horror movie about zombies. Or some creatures that should be zombies but they are ... whatever. Whatever is the word to describe the 'costumes' and effects. Really not convincing. Not scary at all. It has some gruesome moments but they are poorly done.

The acting is that of a high school drama meets wannabe horror actors. Very bad. No one is really convincing. And the girl which found her new best hobby - killing zombies and walking around with a gun is rather silly. The professor of those students is no comment. But I guess, it is worth watching only if you plan one day to film a horror movie to see what things ( and they are plenty!) not to do.

Cheap effects of smoke are laughable. Michael Jackson Thriller's kinda bumping into houses throughout the floor is silly. Night haunting with surprising lights in the bus is funny. So many things are just awfully done.

Reviewed by hudsonda4 1 / 10

Other Review are LIes movie sucks

First off, I love horror movies and especially the zombie genre. It's probably my favorite sub genre of horror and I would rather watch it than anything else. Just needed to tell you that so you could understand just how horrible this movie is.

This movie is beyond horrible. The 'zombies' are done terribly. The second one you see has perfect movie actor teeth. The 'authority figure that won't listen' is overdone so much that it's completely unbelievable.

The acting? It wasn't what i would cal the worst I've ever seen in any C movie, until it got to the first death scene, at which point it won first place for laughably bad acting of any movie ever.

The premise behind the zombies? I have no idea because I made it exactly 31 min 57 seconds into the movie before i had to turn it off.

Don't subject yourself to this garbage.

Reviewed by jens-petter-95 1 / 10

Don't waste you time on this movie, thank me later.

I don't use to write reviews, but when I do it is to advise people from horrible movies.

It was okay, until the "zombies" appeared, there all went downhill... It was just so terrible done, I was just bored instead of frightened. Maybe the movie would be fun to laugh at if you watch it with friends, but alone, the movie just managed to be annoying and boring.

The acting was alright I guess, well until they faced the "zombies".

Save yourself, this movie it is horribly done, maybe that's why it got in the category "horror".


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