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Hill Harper as Tim Brown
La La Anthony as Neecy
Quinton Aaron as Turtle

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Reviewed by stacyr-50945 10 / 10

True to form

I just read a review where someone stated that they couldn't see how a mom could go from being good to bad so fast well let me tell you by experience this movie got it right. Drugs can take an upper middle class very well educated loving devoted mother and wife and turn her into a monster over night. I love the fact that this movie shows how addiction affects family and the fact that it was the mom and not the dad who was an addict. In reality a larger number of addict are upper middle class women not men. A must see movie especially for those whom have no idea how addiction changes the user in an instant nor the effects it has on their family and friends. Well done Hill Harper and thank you for this heart achingly wonderful movie... From a 6yr recovering addict

Reviewed by Rachel Lee 2 / 10


I rent this movie because of the high rating. I have to say I am very disappointed. The fact that there was only ONE review on the board should tell me something. 1. The wife's change was too drastic and not justified at all. 2. The husband's actions are too perfect. He is beyond a saint, which makes it very unbelievable. 3. The wife is very unlikable. Even before the drug takes control of her. 4. I find it very hard to relate to the story. Maybe I am too naive. But the wife's actions are way beyond my imagination. I personally have never taken drugs in my life. I find it very hard to believe she was a perfect mother and then overnight became so irresponsible that she had absolutely no regards to her daughter at all. I get that drugs take control of your actions, emotions and life. But still, the change is too sudden and drastic that I find it very hard to believe.

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