2 Lava 2 Lantula!


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xeta prime 8 / 10

I Smell Popcorn!

Seriously, who would watch this movie without knowing its absurdity so being critical is in itself a tad absurd. That said, it's way better than Sharknado 4, which is a good thing. Granted I'm only half way through and don't know the ending yet but know enough to say this is indeed a fun movie. Why does Steve Guttenberg growl and grunt? Maybe because in the film he plays an actor and he's digging the role? IDK. Not sure I care. But every now and then under his breath he speaks normally so in some way it's hysterical. The writing is witty and often times laugh out loud and for a Syfy movie that's saying something. Special effects are the usual TV sort and nothing special but in my opinion thus far and mid-way through, the script and the acting save this movie. Better than most I've seen from this channel. If you can get past the fact that we're all a bit older from our 'Academy' days you might get a spider kick out of this. Better than the first one I'd say but I may edit upon finishing.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

2nd Time 2 Much 2 Silly

They should have stopped with the first movie, because that was actually a good, wholesome movie.

But as it usually goes with sequels, then so was also the case with "2 Lava 2 Lantula!" "2 Lava 2 Lantula!" was nowhere near the same level of entertainment and movie experience as the 2015 "Lavalantula" turned out to be. Why? Well, perhaps because it just lacked a proper storyline, but mostly because of Steve Guttenbergs performance in this sequel. I mean, he really surprised with his performance in the first movie, but then pulled up something else entirely for the sequel. His performance was wooden, rigid and he delivered all of his lines as if he was struggling with indigestion or something.

The effects in "2 Lava 2 Lantula!" were good and did live up to the effects from the first movie. Sure there were moments here and there with the occasional questionable effect, but in overall then the CGI and special effects team managed to deliver their craft with a good result. The spiders looked good and realistic most of the time, aside from the garganlavalantula, which turned out quite poor.

And the weapons in the movie was a major step back for the movie, especially the two freeze weapons that Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow were equipped with. What was up with this? First of all, they were way too oversized, and then they were also just too far out there.

It was good, though, to have some of the original cast from the first movie to return to the sequel, albeit not all of the performances were living up to what we saw in the 2015 "Lavalantula" movie.

There were a couple of spoofs on other movies and TV shows to be seen throughout the course of "2 Lava 2 Lantula!". Personally then I found the one on the "Miami Vice" TV show to be the most funny.

I was more than surprised and entertained with the first movie, but I must admit that I found "2 Lava 2 Lantula!" to be less than mediocre. And as such, then it scores a meager four out of ten stars from me.

Reviewed by whiteandblackdesigns 5 / 10

Alright but a bit dull

This film is WAY too predictable, not bad, but not very good either. There is little of the campy fun that makes these films watchable. Neither is there any great tension.

the big wobbly CGI spiders are back, begging to be shot in large numbers with big guns. It seems to me that they are less realistic than in the first film and look very un-scary. Still, it's not the worst either and is okay for a rainy afternoon.

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