20 Ft Below: The Darkness Descending


Action / Thriller

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Danny Trejo as Angel
Louis Mandylor as Lockeheed
John Hennigan as Razor
Peter Dobson as Jason

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Reviewed by bbickley13-921-58664 2 / 10

Should bury it 20 feet below

Sorry but this movie does not work for we.

Danny Trejo being on the cover was enough for me to watch the film, but too bad his stardom did nothing to make the film better. I've seen him save his fair share of B-movies just by appearing on screen for a few minutes and being bad ass, but this movie is not it.

I did like the concept of a filmmaker documenting the people living in New York City's subway system, with one of them played by Trejo, seeing himself as a messenger of God who slays the wicked, and by wicked I mean the privileged Wall Street types, so obviously he's able to find a group of people willing to help him rid the city of this vermin.

The film making is very lackluster, enough so that the found footage documentary style the film is doing seems so played out. You know the film is cheap just by the fact that they can't get Trejo to even comment to a half hour worth of footage. Not really good when he's your main villain and the most interesting out of his army.

Danny's appearance is truly just a few minutes and it's not worth the trouble to see it just for that. I've seen him make a cameo like apprentice in far better B-movies like, In the Blood, which is worth seeing, so see that.

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 3 / 10

Well that was just dull, and dark, but mostly just dumb.

You can see that a lot of people were up for trying to make a good movie together, the problem is that they didn't bother to follow through. The whole feeling of this movie is off, there is the "darkness" and these hoods in the tunnels under the streets of NYC and somehow they can move in strange ways through the darkness and they are all so ninja quiet that they can sneak up on anybody. Danny Trejo is wasted in this movie, even though they are relying way too much on his voice, and face to carry the whole thing, so that they use him in nearly every second scene, it still isn't enough though. All of the cast seems like they want to make a good movie, even if they are mostly way over the top, and very boring to watch. One problem with the whole cast being the production team as well. The tunnels are pathetic, and Central is even worse, from the large man standing over a fire still shivering with no wind, to the girl with her shiny new guitar or the dumbsy twins who just can't wait to step over each other's lines. There is no end to the bad in this movie I did not Enjoy it at all, and to anyone thinking that they just have to watch every Danny Trejo movie, I would actually think even he will forgive you for skipping this heap. After all in this movie he is God, or so he says.

Reviewed by leonblackwood 1 / 10

I personally lost interest! 1/10

Review: What an awful movie. I lost interest after the first 15 minutes and I really struggled to stay awake through the rest. I didn't know what was happening from one scene to the next and I didn't really care. I know that it was about this underworld with good and evil living there but that was about it. Everyone that starred in the movie was overacting except for a Trejo who was pretty cool. By the end of the film I didn't know who was who or what was what and I wasn't about to rewind the film to find out. It amazing me how films like these actually get a budget. Awful!

Round-Up: None of the actors in this film, except for Trejo, looks familiar so I can't really comment about there previous work or there careers. The leading character got on my nerves after a while and his whole moody persona was annoying. I understand that the character had a shady past and the whole dark underworld feel was needed for the character, but it was hard to watch. Basically it was another bad choice on my behalf but I'm sure that this type of film has it's audience, somewhere in the wilderness. 

I recommend this movie to people who are into there thrillers about a dark underworld controlled by a evil man who doesn't like outsiders. 1/10

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