27 Dresses


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kristine ([email protected]) 2 / 10

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Are you guys serious that you fell for this again?

When I saw the trailer for 27 Dresses, I was like "Oh, my God, not again", typical plot, chick flick written all over it with over cheesy dialog and unrealistic situations that sadly I can completely predict. But thanks to the wonderful users of IMDb who gave this movie great reviews. My friend begged me to go see this with her, so I figured since she was treating and it was getting good reviews, it might be worth a look, so we saw it today, and I think my friend hates me, because I told her what would happen in the next scene and it would happen. This romantic comedy genre, doesn't anyone realize that these stupid plots are just recycled from one romantic comedy to the next?! The only thing they do is a "twist", a wedding planner, a hotel maid, a treasure hunter, blah, blah, blah. The actors couldn't even save this film.

Jane is a girl who has been in 27 weddings, she's so used to always putting others before herself. Her little sister, Tess, even steals her crush, George, and lies her way into making him love her. They get engaged and now Jane is once again the maid of honor, torture, huh? But guess what? There is a guy who surprisingly drives her insane, Kevin, a journalist who is writing an article on Tess and George and also secretly Jane's randevu's with her passion for "always a bride's maid, never a bride" routine. But of course they somehow fall for each other and break up when she finds out about the article, please tell me you get it from this point? Because you should if you've seen any other romantic comedy.

27 Dresses is a joke, I'm sorry, I know that's harsh, but these romantic comedies are very evil and manipulative in leading young girls onto what they think love is going to be or should be, or whatever. Sounds bitter, but do you honestly think that these movies are realistic or funny? It's so incredibly rare that we get a funny romantic comedy that is original and funny. Katherine Heigl is coming strong with her career, true, but I'm not impressed with her character choice. Jane's act on her little sister was a little too immature at the engagement party and she sunk to her sister's level, not to mention, why couldn't we have had just a regular, smart sister instead of a slut? It's just too common and predictable, seriously. The dialog "I get to have hot sex with random strangers and feel so much better"? Seriously, I'm just sick of romantic comedies, why aren't you? Trust me, this is not worth the look unless you fall for it each time.


Reviewed by yaadpyar 5 / 10

A Bridesmaid's Tale

Pretty cute movie, pretty standard romcom premise, and Judy Greer is worth a watch any time. Katherine Heigel is likable, Judy Greer smart and funny, and James Marsden is charming, and everyone else serviceable. But the sloppy story-telling and needless gimmickry took away a lot of the fun. The story of the dresses was pretty amusing.

But....c'mon - Heigel as the sort of ugly duckling sister in love with a fantastic guy who is oblivious to her as anything other than his assistant? Hard to believe her in that role. And this 'great guy' of a boss of hers who has every wonderful quality a man can posses and then falls for the hot blonde chic (who happens to be his assistant's sister) as soon as he sees her? The plot did not follow the characters much. Also hard to see much chemistry between Heigel & Marsden - just no sparks that I could see.

And the ridiculous scene when Heigel realizes she loves Marsden and follows him onto a boat super-hero style and publicly declares her love? So pointless. He wasn't leaving the country...she could have just met him for dinner and talked with him. This over-the-top scene ruined any chance I had of any cinematic believability.

If you like cute, mostly mindless romcoms, this will not disappoint.

Reviewed by olympic_fanatic 10 / 10

Sneak Preview: 27 Dresses

On Thursday, December 27, my friends and I went to the sneak preview of "27 Dresses". At first, I wasn't excited to see it because I thought it would be just another cheesy romantic comedy, "chick-flick" if you will. I was wrong. "27 Dresses" was a romantic comedy everyone could enjoy. That's right! I said EVERYONE (including guys).

Katherine Heigl is great in the film as Jane, the optimistic bridesmaid who wants a shot of love for herself someday and feels the the 27 bridesmaid dresses she keeps in her closet is a calling that its time for her to get a dress of a different kind.

Judy Greer, who's always "the best friend" in the movies, is very comical and sassy as Katherine's friend Casey. At least she knows what she wants, but she's very compassionate and supportive to Jane throughout the film.

One person, though, that I think stood out in this film, was James Marsden. I've always seen him in action movies ("X-Men" series and "Superman Returns) as a minor or supporting character, but I think that he made the male lead of Kevin his own. Although he gets on Jane's nerves half the time, he always tends to put on a smile on her face because she knows that he's trying to get her to let go of the past and move on to a possible future where her big day might come. Kevin's the guy you would want to confide in if something's troubling you or if you need to dance to an Elton John song to get your groove back.

If you should see any movie this new year, make a date with "27 Dresses". You'll be happy that you did.

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