400 Days


Action / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Caity Lotz as Emily
Tom Cavanagh as Zell
Ben Feldman as Bug
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr_Sagan 1 / 10

The writer and director Matt Osterman deserves 400 Days in prison for this crap

Let's cut to the chase: Avoid this movie at all costs.

I don't know about the 400 days but that was most certainly 90 minutes of our lives we'll never get back.

What seems initially like a good premise with unlimited possibilities it is transformed in a lame and boring Carpenter-ish c-class movie that leads nowhere.

Sometimes after a slow boring movie you might get a rewarding and interesting ending, so your time spend not to feel wasted.

Unfortunately this is not the case here. The ending is as ambiguous as it could possibly be.

I call this type of movies "The 3 minutes more movies" and includes other crappy ones like "Another Earth". What do I mean by that 3 minutes more? I mean movies that the ending would be crystal clear if the movie lasted 3 minutes more (or at least one in this case). What happened really is a mystery only for the audience who feels cheated. The crew of the simulation will know the truth soon enough. The audience never will. It's not an ending to interpret or to start a conversation about it. It's just like they ran out of film a couple of minutes sort before the actual ending.

The cast consists of likable actors including Brandon (Superman Returns) Routh but were misused. The production soon feels cheap and the pace is boring. Initially you expect something to happen but soon enough you give up and just wait for the conclusion which in this case...there isn't any.

Overall: The writer and director Matt Osterman deserves at least 400 days in prison for this crap or even better his whole life far far away from cameras of any kind.

Reviewed by idontdodrugs 2 / 10

Grmsch, Wasted potential.

OK. So it's about a science experiment to investigate the effects of prolonged time of isolation of a group in tight space as preparation for space travel, where long periods of no contact with the outside world are expected. Exactly 400 days of said isolation.

They pretty much cast a whole lot of actors from the hit TV series Arrow and The Flash, namely Brandon Routh, Carly Loitz (which I lovingly call 'The Chin'), and Tom Cavanagh.

These actors as well as the endearing premise caused me to watch that movie. And....my hopes pretty much fell apart.

The movie follows a long the typical low budget mystery and 'horror' plots of the 'isolated people' genre. Nothing, and I mean nothing original here with regards to script and direction.

The whole movie gives off the vibes of a Outer Limits episode. The sets feel very cheap. The story leads to nothing. No pay off at all. And at a runtime of 90 minutes it still felt very boring at long periods. Flashbacks try to establish some deeper characterization. But again, no relevance at all for the non-existent character development.

There is only two positive things I can say about the movie. First, the actors try at least a little bit (Brandon Routh and Tom Cavanagh are most often likable, even if they have absolutely nothing to work with from the script). Second, the premise remains interesting. But executed in such a way, it just is a giant case of wasted potential.

As a TV episode or short movie, OK, but with these 90 minutes, you should do something else...watch like 2 Outer Limits episodes.

Reviewed by revloveution 8 / 10

Not all that bad...

Most of the reviews for this are pretty bad. All in all, the movie was ... pretty bad. But I do have to say it does play some decent mind games. Without giving any spoilers, I thought it was interesting, and I like that there's a sense of "Not Knowing" that stays with you after watching the movie. Anything that gives me that sensation these days (After watching almost everything) is potentially... decent.

I'd say it was a little similar to "Moon" with a little bit of "Event Horizon" and "Sphere" tied in... and although I thought it was a bit long - I wanted to give it some justice for not being totally awful (by giving it a few stars in a semi positive review).

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