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Vivica A. Fox as Imani Cole
Dolph Lundgren as Bob Rooker
Danny Trejo as Mateo Perez
Natassia Malthe as Christine
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Reviewed by clayj-18274 3 / 10

B-Movie, and Not a Great One at That

Where do older actors go to retire? I don't know - but they're in movies like this one just prior. Stars Trejo, Lundgren, and Pare - older action stars. Also stars several B-listers as well: Messner, Fox, and Malthe, among them. The plot's been done many a time, drug deal gone bad and the money's in the back of the vehicle to be found, and pursued. This could have been a good movie, but wasn't. The production values are pretty good. The acting isn't. You'd be better off watching something else. I rented this one for $4, and wished I hadn't. I didn't find this one to have been worth watching, wouldn't have paid a dollar to watch it had I known better.

Reviewed by davidross1058 4 / 10

a shoot'em up.

Too stupid for words is what this movie is. you've seen it all before. drugs, money, guns, it's all here. i watched it cause it had some name actors and was billed as an action movie. some actors will do any piece of crap for a paycheck. Lundgren, Trejo, Pare are these actors. they are all very wooden and just going thru the motions here. Messner gave the best performance here and was most believable in his role. i finished watching it only cause i was invested in seeing how it would turn out. this is straight to DVD crap or Netflix. there are a few double crosses here and no one is to be trusted. it was totally stupid who gets away with the money in the end. a real disappointment this movie was considering the talent involved. i guess they were all between better projects. Lundgren should kiss Stallone's ass for giving him a career.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 2 / 10

4got10: Really bad but… Dolph Lundgren can act!

The story, the interiors and the fighting will remind you of something you have already seen or of a bad TV movie.

The acting sometimes is really unconvincing (dialogue too) but there is something in this film that you would never expect: when Michael Paré (the Sheriff) or Dolph Lundgren are on, the movie for a moment starts to work as if it were a normal, enjoyable flick!

It doesn't last long, the two of them could not save the film. But this was something I didn't expect from Ivan Drago and I'm more than glad to have it witnessed and to pay my respects to him with this note.

The film, besides that, was too boring...

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