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Abbie Cornish as Kate Adie
Mark Strong as Max Vernon
Jamie Bell as Rusty Firmin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Interesting - not action packed but different from the usual thriller

People looking for an action packed thriller with a high body count won't find that here. This is a true story so things are realistic not full of bravado and death defying heroism. The siege lasted 6 days so a lot of the story is about planning by the rescue by the SAS and the role of the negotiator (Mark Strong) and the government policy behind the rescue. Unlike action movies where one guy would take down all the terrorists it's refreshing to see the planning and the uncertainty about planning a rescue mission. Jamie Bell despite being small sized plays an SAS person quite convincingly. From the negotiators point of view the lack of knowledge and being caught between the different interests is quite interesting too. A rather round looking Abbie Cornish plays a reporter for the BBC although her role is not pivotal. Couple of faults. Not that much was shown about the cause of the terrorists to understand their motives better. The point of view of the hostages is also insufficiently shown. Worth a watch.

Reviewed by michaelrthomson 3 / 10


I didn't have entirely high hopes for this, despite Mark Strong who in the main delivers great work, and Jamie Bell, who despite reminding me overtime of Billy Elliot has also done quite well in his roles in my opinion, but I thought it could be an interesting tale of this historical event.

In the main it wasn't terrible, Mark and Jamie act well enough, and the tell of the story is accurate enough based on what I remember of these events and subsequent stories written thereafter. Its not really an action movie, there is little to none of that... it's more about the thriller (perhaps) relationship between Mark Strong and the Hostage takers.... which was adequate, though not enough to stop me from wandering off and looking up twitter and Facebook midway through the app.

The worst element for me however is Abbie Cornish. The fake British accent was simply awful, clearly she is no better at doing an accent than she is at actually acting, it was bad, just awful. I was surprised to see that this movie was funded or in some way involved the New Zealand Film Commission (who clearly couldn't find a NZ script worth funding?), so maybe that explains the random appearances of kiwi and Aussie actors and accents popping up. It was simply distracting and irritating to me.

Overall, it was a meh film, as I say, it didn't keep my attention and the annoying accents, fake accents and terrible acting just added to the woe.

Reviewed by Leftbanker 8 / 10

A Decent Thriller

Wow! These are some pretty harsh scores for this low budget thriller. The acting is top notch all around led by Mark Strong as the police negotiator although they made him out to be a bit of a twit more concerned for the safety of the terrorists than the hostages. Perhaps this was true but probably fiction just to create a little tension between the more passive police and the gung ho SAS team.

About the only thing this film lacked was steady pacing which with a story like this would have been difficult as mostly they just sat around for six days before the excrement hit the fan. At least the movie didn't devolve into a soap opera by showing the "up close and personal" side to the soldiers, police, terrorists, or hostages.

Well choreographed action and training scenes sort of make up for the down time in the story. If nothing else it serves as a good reminder of this bit of history that I recall.

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