99 Homes


Action / Drama

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Michael Shannon as Rick Carver
Andrew Garfield as Dennis Nash
Laura Dern as Lynn Nash
Clancy Brown as Mr. Freeman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex wolfman 10 / 10

There are literally are 99 reasons to go see this movie.

Say what you want about America but money is a very big part of our society. It's a free-for-all pursuit of money and it so helps with having a good family background. If you can't afford college to get your degree or don't have a career after high school, you are on your own. It's like high school all over where you have to find yourself again.

99 Homes has many themes pertinent to today's society. From the idea of money and how to handle your money and also the banking system, it's an accurate image of our society today. Who knows how it will hold up twenty years down the road due to how society is going to change but for now 99 Home knows exactly what's going in the world now and tells it's story in a very original way.

Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is an unemployed construction worker who gets evicted along with his family from his home by businessman and con-man Rick Carver (Michael Shannon). As a way of getting his childhood home back, Dennis joins Rick's business team not knowing what lies ahead for him.

As most kids after high school, I didn't have a plan for myself and college was my only option. I was lucky enough to get a good job at a grocery store that will be able to support me though college. Even though I had my differences with my hometown, growing up in one of the richest towns in Michigan had it's perks also. It's so hard and heartbreaking to watch Dennis not have money or a name to himself. He must support his mother Lynn (Laura Dern) and his son Conner (Noah Lomax) through only construction jobs. Then you have someone like Carver who's at the different end of the spectrum and doing everything right for himself but he is someone who makes his big dough from forcing people out of their own homes and in the wrong way. As we expect, Michael Shannon, always plays a determined and powerful character and he is able to captivate every character that he plays. That said, Andrew Garfield's performance is even more impressive. He is able to express through emotions the things his character is dealing with and he takes you on a ride with him. He plays a character who does not know how to save his family and who is wondering if the scheme he is involved in is the right thing to do. His morals and values are being severely tested.

Another example of the money ideas at play here is the setting. The movie is set in Orlando, Florida, with some of the biggest houses on the street sitting next to the smallest houses where the evictions happen. It is such an accurate image again of how different the concept "money" is for everyone. Some people are set for life where others are living paycheck to paycheck. This film seems to know both sides of that so well.

99 Homes is a film that the main topic is eviction and really this should have been dull ride. How this film is able make this topic interesting and thought-provoking is very impressive. 99 Homes is so off the map on this topic but in a good way.

99 Homes is a character study with Oscar quality performances especially from Garfield. It is also societal story and commentary, a story of determination and one of the top films of the year all rolled in one. There are literally are 99 reasons to go see this movie.

Reviewed by Jack Hunter 1 / 10

This could have been a 10, ...

... but I am obligated to give it just a 1 as moral of the story is just idiotic, main character is worthless wimp that does not deserve to be alive, much less be given a trusted position in business as a second in command.

OK, now, spoilers coming.

Film is solely about how sad it is that folks are losing their homes. Problem is that writer and/or director missed out on many, many, many opportunities to EDUCATE average imbecile who goes around borrowing money he cant pay back and instead lays blame on the banks and real estate agents.

Only in one short scene it is mentioned that person borrowed 25,000 to make addition to home that was extravagant.

But, if you are in debt to an extent where you can no longer afford your home, and you wait until they come to remove you, there is no other way to describe you except as an idiot.

Eviction procedures take minimum of 3 to 6 months. Before they even begin you need to miss three mortgage payments. There are far more laws protecting home owner than there are protecting tenants and yet even tenants who quit paying rent entirely still get to hang out for 3 months or so til you can get them removed.

So we are talking about 3-6 months time for folks to get their affairs in order, or relocate someplace cheaper. But instead of seeing their end results as sheer human stupidity, ... we should say "oh evil banks and real estate agents"? Why? You borrow money, you need to pay it back. If you cant, too bad for you.

If you don't want to end up like losers portrayed in this film, then don't live above your means, learn how to save money and don't have children you obviously cannot afford.

I have no sympathy nor mercy for fools.

Reviewed by watkins-29879 5 / 10

It was an enjoyable movie to watch but the ending ruined it

Short and simple. The movie was entertaining the whole way through. Only two parts I didn't like was the mom flipping out and the ending. How can you get that mad at your son and take his kid away. He did what he had to do to help his family survive. I just felt the mom was being ungrateful. I'm also pretty positive that his son would of become excited and jumped in that pool. Any kid at that age would be excited for a swimming pool. The ending was also pretty lame. I mean why end Soprano style. I feel like I wasted my time watching this movie because there really is no ending. Anything could of happened as it ended. If I would of known how it ends before watching I probably wouldn't of watched. So if your like me maybe this review will stop you from wasting time on what could have been a great movie. Movie was an 8 for me up until the end.

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