A Boy Named Charlie Brown


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Cassidy ([email protected]) 10 / 10

Close to the spirit of the strip in terms of content and animation but also contains imaginative additions

A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN has got to be the ultimate Peanuts animation ever made! It's so epic, and it does a great job of showcasing the original Peanuts characters, especially the central character, Charlie Brown! It told a tragic story of Charlie Brown, the milquetoast little boy who works hard to be the best (trying everything from kite-flying to baseball to even competing at a spelling bee), so that he can be loved and respected by his friends, when, of course, he usually loses and his friends berate him. And only his best friend Linus tries to help Charlie Brown succeed in life. There's also Snoopy, Charlie Brown's wonderful pet beagle, who does his usual crazy thing, from playing a WWI Flying Ace to skating on ice. Aside from creator Charles Schulz's screenplay, the great music score and songs by legendary jazz musician Vince Guaraldi, conductor John Scott Trotter, and gifted musician/poet/singer Rod McKuen really shines, and is the best score of any animated Peanuts project since the scores from all of the previous animated TV specials (only with more dimension)! It really needs a CD soundtrack! There's also some "artsy-fartsy" moments throughout the movie, including the Peanuts Gang saluting the National Anthem, Charlie Brown and Linus practicing "I before E, except after C," Schroeder playing Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata (2nd movt.) on his piano, and Snoopy skating at the Rockerfeller Center in NY, where Charlie Brown goes for the national spelling bee, but these are great images that make this movie all the more unusual! This movie made its premiere at the Radio City Music Hall in December of '69 (incidentally Rod McKuen performed one of the movie's songs months earlier at his birthday concert at Carnegie Hall, which can be purchased on a CD called "Rod McKuen: At Carnegie Hall"). There was also a documentary of the same name (the soundtrack of which is available on CD), which was transformed into CHARLIE BROWN AND CHARLES SCHULZ the same year this movie was released.

In summary, A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN is the best of the Peanuts movies, and the best Peanuts animated project since A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS (the first Peanuts TV special)! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Reviewed by bbethel66 9 / 10

Stress for Success

After scoring both an Emmy and a Peabody on television, the Peanuts gang heads to the big leagues, beginning with "A Boy Named Charlie Brown".

The first of four Peanuts films, this one is a basic layout of what the original Peanuts comic strip (1950-2000) was all about. Charlie Brown is a regular kid who's only asking for a little respect. But even when everybody else got the hang of it, he just can't seem to fly a kite, or win a baseball game. Doomed to be labeled a loser forever, he boldly volunteers to participate in the school's spelling bee. Too bad nobody told him it was a NATIONAL competition; the only way he can win now is thru persistence and hard study.

This film is listed for family and comedy. But it should also be listed for tragedy. It's just one example of how you can do EVERYTHING right (in this case, studying your brains out), and STILL lose.

I recall seeing this regularly on The Disney Channel, and each time, I kept watching to see if Charlie Brown would win that spelling bee...

...but he never did. :-(

Aside from the main plot, this movie is also a great piece of art. Even with its limited UPA-esquire animation, it still has the artistic flair of your basic Disney film. Parts of the story are interpreted thru split-screen action, extended background footage, catchy songs, and a hypnotic blend of colors and music. In spite of all that, I don't think that Charles Schulz was trying to compete with Disney in any way, thus avoiding a common error made among most non-Disney animation studios. But still, who would've thought that you can create music with the use of a dictionary?

The content is uniquely accessible for everyone. Children will love the fantasy sequences of Snoopy. Teens can relate to Charlie Brown and his never-ending quest for acceptance. Adults will love the intellectual undertones of the film. And animation/art fans will really appreciate the musical/fantasy sequences.

"A Boy Named Charlie Brown" is one of the better of the four Peanuts feature films. Most Peanuts fans will easily enjoy, but all are welcome to see it.

Reviewed by Preston-10 10 / 10

An animated film that would make Bergman proud!

The PEANUTS films, coming from a student of international cinema, have contained some of the truest statements I have borne witness to in my life. If you were to really sit down and listen to what these characters say to each other you would be surprised at how much you can truly relate to them. A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN is the best of them because it does the best job combining the artistic with the humanistic. Even though this is a movie that is defined through a series of seemingly unrelated moments (a fantasized hockey game, a spelling bee, a beautiful performance on piano by Schroeder, a baseball game) this only adds to the closeness we feel toward the characters. The tragic sequence in the Film where Linus expresses remorse for lending Charlie Brown his literal "security blanket" and seeks to find it is a sequence that would make Bergman proud! I rarely recommend movies that I truly like but I have to say that A BOY NAMED CHARLIE BROWN is a film for everyone!

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