A Christmas Horror Story


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
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William Shatner as Dangerous Dan
Rob Archer as Krampus
Julian Richings as Gerhardt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dave (sprouty) 9 / 10

A pleasant surprise

Let me start by saying I like generally horror films - not so much the torture films ("Hostel", "Saw" etc) - but things like "The Thing", "Halloween (Original)" The Exorcist, "It Follows", & "The Ring". So I was always gonna watch this because I also like William Shatner & Christmas. I was expecting this film was going to rate 5 or 6 but because it exceeded my expectations so much I am giving it a hefty 9.

It's better shot, acted and written than the average shocker.

The film nicely interweaves 4 stories and a semi-story of William Shatner as a DJ. All are nicely told and varied in tone. The film is really slick and well directed, shot, and edited together - especially since there were 3 directors. The dialogue is not always the greatest but heck its a horror film so its way above average for the genre. There are also plenty of nice scares.

If your idea of a horror is lots of explicit gore this film is not for you - although there is enough to keep the less gore obsessed fan on the edge of their seat. The focus is spread across 4 very different sets of characters most of whom you wouldn't usually see in a horror film. The exception are the young teenagers who decide to break into their school, in order to investigate two murders that occurred in the school's basement the year prior. This story is exactly what you might expect - and no worse for it - but the other stories are all great. I can't say any more as I think this film is best watched without expectations and definitely without spoilers.

A nice Christmas treat!

Reviewed by Flow 5 / 10

Better than Rare Exports!

I had fun with A Christmas Horror Story! Tho there are 4 Christmas stories!

One is kinda weak, and doesn't really belong here. You can tell witch one after watching. The other 3 are quite OK, especially the main one, with Santa. That one really rocket the boat.

Overall, along other such productions as Rare Exports or Sint, this one also stands tall, because it really is an OK movie. Had a lot more action, and it had a far better ending than expected so I will gladly recommend it.

A Christmas Horror Story wins by a mile against let's say Tales of Halloween.


Reviewed by SomewhereSomehow 4 / 10

Falls a bit flat.

Getting a new Christmas themed horror movie is always an interesting occurrence to receive, especially in the unique, and some-what weird way presented in this movie. "A Christmas horror story" has ideas, executes them.. but they seem to fall a bit down..

We get multiple stories in this one film, delivering about four stories all at once, making an anthology. I honestly felt it annoying, and a bit hard to follow with the choice the filmmakers decided to go with, that being clumping all the stories delivered all at once, flipping from one scene, cutting it, and moving to the next constantly. This made it slightly annoying in the sense of our attention gripping on one part of a story given, and having it suddenly cut off, heading to another. Following that note, of course, are the stories themselves. The stories we were given were slightly clichéd, they, however managed to lift themselves from cliché garbage to a slightly nicer, more unique kind of way. They passed the clichéd to be a bit newer, more refreshed due to the way each story was heading. So in a way, they managed to rise up, and succeed the audiences cooperation. Another factor involving the stories, the pacing. I honestly didn't like the pacing in this movie. It felt way, way too slow then what if could of been, regarding each story of the anthology. The elements of which were leading up to the finale, involving for example the characters getting stuck were feeble attempts to clutch out attention, and it just didn't really work, instead boring us more, the audience wishing the events / stories were over. The movie's poster shows a battle between Krampus, and Santa. Sadly. Don't be fooled, this film does not revolve around our favorite Christmas devil, Krampus. In fact we don't get action involving Krampus at all until around the end of the film, disappointing myself, and others hoping for some action involving Krampus. And even when we get to the battle, and action scenes, we still don't get what we were hoping for, instead small scenes, glimpses, and actions involving Krampus, once again, not exactly paying off successfully. Now that all the negatives are pointed out.. are there positives? Sure! The movie adds some form of relief with its tactic of forming each of the anthology stories together, of which, at the end of the film leads to a twist that was slightly mediocre. But manages to actually pay off. We also get interesting little Christmas morals here, and there to follow through with, minor little elements. Finally, as said before the twists featured in the film. Once again. It wasn't the best. But enough to hold the attention of the audience.

Finally, this movie.. I personally found to be disappointing. Overall I wasn't truly sure what to think, giving the trailer looking weird, and frankly interesting. This anthology lacked elements that would'of made this film a good one, if hadn't missed. The movie also failed to give them audience what it seemed it was going to offer, Krampus. The stories were clichéd, and not typically, overall that great in all honesty. And finally the transitions, of which the stories happening in a clumped - like form was annoying, and hard to follow at times. Good movie if you want to spend your Christmas with Christmas horror films, but if your looking for something new, and refreshing. Honestly, you won't find it here.

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