A Date with Miss Fortune


Comedy / Romance

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Vik Sahay as Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Vasen 6 / 10

Cute and sweet

This was an enjoyable, cute and funny movie. Not the greatest, but fun enough. I'm sure that some will compare this to My Big Fat Greek Wedding and some comparisons are apt.

Maria is beautiful, and charming and extremely quirky. And she snores. Jack is one of those earthy guys who doesn't let anything go by without making a joke. Maria's family is very traditional. Her father would be tough on any man.

This movie is about the two falling in love, and about trying to make it work in a family where everything is stacked against Jack from the start. The two have so many differences that you would think they would be better off with someone else.

There are funny moments, and sweet moments.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 8 / 10

A Date with Miss Fortune: Catching Title, Catching Movie.

A nice comedy, fresh, inspired, full of interesting ideas, with good dialogue (and small budget). You might not recognize the exteriors because it's not US but Canada (Toronto).

And the Actors playing the two main characters (Jack and Maria) are Canadians too. They also wrote the script and produced the movie, together, and truly are husband and wife in real life. Which is nice and interesting at the same time. As it is movie's flash-forward structure, which adds to production's overall quality and originality.

Many good actors help to keep the attention high, starting from the great Joaquin de Almeida (who really is Portuguese) to Vik Sahay. Singer Nelly Furtado plays a nice cameo (Nelia: Maria's favorite cousin…) and the musical score includes one piece I like and it's poorly known: 'Ticket to Love' from the Hawaiian band 'Goodbye Elliott'. Enjoy.

Reviewed by JJ 8 / 10

Great RomCom Flick!

I've only watched this movie last night on a rental cd.

From the cd cover itself, I expected this to be somethin' like a romance scene in Venice Canal - ah, you know what i mean. And I was wrong! ( I like to be wrong on my movie expectations. Je-je-je! ).

This is a unique rom-com. ... funny, romantic, sentimental, dramatic with a hint of reality.

One thing that amazes me ... I never thought Portuguese are this conservative and superstitious.

I really am not familiar with the actors/actresses in this movie. But they played their parts very well. From the main characters, to the girl's family, the the guy's side kick and even the fortune teller - I'd really say their acting is awesome!

Watch this people. You'll thank me when you do.

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