A Good Man


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Steven Seagal as Alexander
Victor Webster as Sasha
Tzi Ma as Mr. Chen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stabester0406 6 / 10

Not bad for a Seagal DTV Movie!

Look, this movie is never going to win any awards, the acting is acceptable in places, wooden (to say the least)in others but everybody does look as if they are interested which compared to some DTV films is a blessing.

Steven Seagal plays the ex Special Forces guy retired when Women & Children are killed on an spec-op he was on etc. He then flushes out his original target by assassinating various members and bag men from the Russian syndicate who are laundering money for said target, working for said syndicate is Sasha played by Victor Webster to clear his dead fathers debt, he has 2 sisters who are also being drawn into the debt repayment scheme via the usual 'Oh she looks fit can we use her to repay part of the debt' etc. Victor Webster is clearly talented in Martial Arts and does hold an unbeaten record in a couple of Martial Arts, his acting however is not as good but for B-Movie fare he is fine.

The only real issue with the film is the ending, Steven Seagal who is 62 (and doesn't look a day over 68) is playing alongside a 24 year old who Seagal all the way through protects more in a father figure type way, when these 2 end up together in what is quite clearly not a Father and daughter type clinch it's very wrong.....very wrong indeed.

Reviewed by tonghua2005 1 / 10

Seagal has become a fat old fart with a potty mouth

I used to love Seagal's movie, his fighting style, even over the years, he is getting old, his movie is getting old, but it is OK, I still enjoyed it.

But, this movie is killing me....throughout the movie, the most said line by Seagal is mother...er,

the fight scene is joke, other actors has to get in the position and pause so Seagal can do his move... They probably got his sword from a dollar store judge by its look. The most expense on the equipment could well be the remote airplane they called drone in the movie.

And the actors, omg, if I didn't know, and I didn't start from the beginning, I would thought it was a low budget porn movie without the porn.

What can I say?

You are warned.

Reviewed by A K 5 / 10

A Decent B-Grade DTV Action Flick

We all know what to expect when watching a direct to video Steven Seagal movie. "A Good Man" may not be like "Marked For Death" or "Under Siege" but it definitely rates as one of his better DTV movies I've seen. I myself partly watch these movies for the comedic value of course to see Seagal's acting/cheesy plot and as a B-action film fan. Of course a movie like this you don't expect a great story but lots of action and Seagal kicking the bad guy's ass in the most unconvincing and bloody way possible. The movies good for that and lots of naked babes are a bonus too. Seagal definitely doesn't seem as lazy/careless in his acting as he usually seems in his DTV movies which was a surprise. Tzi Ma was good as a villain, he pretty much plays the same role he did on 24. I also thought that his partner wasn't so bad in the movie. Could he be the next potential DTV action star??.....maybe. Overall, better than the other dozens of crap DTV Seagal movies that have came out and that will within the year. A good watch for the B- action film fan who know's what to expect and for the few Steven fans out there.


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