A Little Bit of Heaven


Action / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 4%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 24672


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Kate Hudson as Marley Corbett
Peter Dinklage as Vinnie
Lucy Punch as Sarah Walker
Kathy Bates as Beverly Corbett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hello-dean09 8 / 10

A great movie.

I saw this week "Something Borrowed", "Bridesmaids" and "A Little Bit of Heaven", and the rate seems so opposite to what I think. Bridesmaids 7.3 and "A Little Bit of Heaven" 5.9, I just don't understand how. This movie makes you laugh and makes you cry, I had seen some really really bad comedies that makes you cry! but this one really touches your feelings. This is my first review, the only reason I wrote this is because I think people should know it. In my humble opinion, this one was so much better . Kate Hudson's acting goes beyond to what we have seen before, I think she is doing it better and better with the pass of the time. Well that's it! Just to let you know what I think.. Thanks for reading it.

Reviewed by amz_666_ 6 / 10

Touching drama, not what you expect - take tissues

After seeing two of this weeks other not-so-happy releases 'Rabbit Hole' and 'Brighton Rock' back-to-back I was looking forward to a bit-of-fluff rom-com but bloody hell that is not what I got. I don't know if it's because of the overly happy looking marketing or the lack of overall promotion but the people behind 'A Little Bit of Heaven' have kept it quiet for a reason, granted it's pretty funny but really depressing. Tears started falling about 20mins in and didn't stop until after I got home. I complained the other day that Kate Hudson never seems to do anything with substance these days I take it all back now. Her heartfelt and convincing portrayal of Marley Corbett a young 30- something with a successful career, great mates and who seems to have it all figured out certainly has substance. Marley admits she can be a bit of a slut, she's aware that she lives more like a 20-something and she doesn't care. Until one day it all falls apart – she's told she's got cancer of the colon (there are a few unnecessary medical scenes involving a colonoscopy. and those who have needle phobia – take a scarf to hide behind) and that it's not curable. After a quick visit upstairs to see God , (this time not Alanis Morissette or Morgan Freeman but instead we have Whoopi Goldberg taking on the job) Marley suddenly realises that she needs to change her priorities and as could only happen in movie world or in an episode of ER, in walks a dashing Dr (Bernal), a man who couldn't tell a joke if his mother's life depended on it who finds Marley's overwhelming but fun personality intoxicating and infectious. Not the usual boy meets girl story but it works – sorta and so a romance blossoms despite the fact that she's a dying woman. A tad sick? Yes but go with it. The rest of the film is Marley rapidly changing and getting more ill, now it's not as depressing as 'My Sister's Keeper' but it's not far off. When Queen Latifah took a stab at playing a woman with the big c she went on an extravagant holiday and it was all pretty annoying. Kate's film is more honest and as we watch her friends and family rally round her (even ordering her a mini-hooker in the form of Peter Dinklage to lift her spirits)) and help as you would expect in normal life you actually care about her awful situation. The casting at first seems odd, Gael García Bernal already proved that he doesn't act romance well in 'Letters to Juliet' so why try again here? Kathy Bates is great as always and Lucy Punch as the mad-cap friend (no change there then) is a nice compliment to Hudson.

It's a thoughtful and thought provoking film, anyone with a heart will leave the cinema wanting to tell their friends that they love them. Just take tissues.

Reviewed by Duane M 9 / 10

A different review from a Man

Okay, I have read the other reviews of this movie, and I must say, I think the women are much more on base than the men. I believe the other men who have reviewed this, have some issues with what the world calls a chick flick... A Little Bit of Heaven, in my opinion as man, was actually the perfect blend of humor and drama, Kate Hudson's finest work that I have seen to date. Its a story of an individuals ups and downs of coping with death at a very young age. I felt this movie showed both the attempts to stay positive an upbeat as well as what I am sure happens, the anger to the people around you. For the reviews who gave this anything less than 6 minimum, but then rate "The Other Guys" a perfect 10, shows you they are just shallow. I am a father of 4 daughters, and can't imagine what it would of be like to go through something like this. I would recommend this movie to all, minus the men, who think they are too cool or tough to show a little emotion, as this movie in my opinion will bring tears to anyone...

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