A Long Way Down


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 26970


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Rosamund Pike as Penny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Kenworthy 7 / 10

Forget the critics.

Before you see this, clear your mind of the negative hype. I went in to the film wanting to judge it for myself, and I have to say I had an enjoyable enough time. Its length is perfect, and I like how it tells the story. Just don't expect a realistic tale and you should have a good time. I liked how they didn't sugarcoat the actions of a character. I found Aaron Paul's character, J.J, to be very easy to relate to. In my opinion, they got a lot of things right with the topic of depression, and the comedy wasn't done offensively. It's not a light topic, but A Long Way Down shows just how many different reasons people have to be suicidal, some with no real reason at all.

Reviewed by Sahl_95 6 / 10

Could Have Been Better

While a story about 4 suicidal strangers meeting on a rooftop about to jump sounds interesting, this movie was not all that interesting.

There were times when scenes felt too long and equally many scenes that could and perhaps should have been longer. Some potentially interesting plot threads were brought up in a scene and hardly mentioned again (same with some characters). The emotional scenes weren't that effective either and I didn't laugh much during the movie either. The characters aren't that great either. None of them felt believable for me.

In the end, felt that the movie was predictable, cheesy and not that entertaining. The ending of the movie didn't do much to change that either. Not the best movie this year.

Reviewed by Nikola Penchev 8 / 10

A nice movie that may be a bit too much criticized

I went to the movie with no idea what I was about to see. Genuinely had no idea about the plot and had no expectations at all.

Given the above I loved it. While it was entertaining and had that specific British humor which I find nice, it also had some powerful moments.

At the end it made me think about the kind of problems people face in their lives without making me sad like most of the movies that cover similar topics. I'm glad I went to it. Well spent money.

I would advice the audience to just see it like I did - without even checking the plot and the actors. Not knowing what it's all about made the experience a bit better in my opinion.

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