A Madea Christmas


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 19%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tammyaphillips 6 / 10

Another okay Tyler Perry movie

Let me first say that I am a fan of the man Tyler Perry. His struggles, his perseverance, his rise to fame are inspirational to me and to so many others. He has had a hand full of good movies: A Diary of Mad Black Woman, The Family that Preys and the first Why Did We Get Married. Then, he has several movies that have a character and/or a scene and/or a particular actor/actress I like in them. I usually enjoy these movies and could see them again. Then there are the truly awful movies like the second Why Did We Get Married.

Madea's Christmas is in the second group. I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to. There were some opportunities to laugh out loud. The cast was fine especially Anna Marie Horsford and Larry the Cable Guy. There were the poignant moments and once I actually had a tear trying to pop up in one eye. Seeing Blair from the Facts of Life was nice.

If you are expecting an Oscar worthy movie, you will get your feelings hurt. If you want a movie you can enjoy with your family (they could have edited out the use of a particular curse word), you will be okay.

Reviewed by Russell Sanderlin 10 / 10

" A Madea Christmas " - 4 Thumbs Up for Christmas Laughs

" The hilarity of Larry The Cable Guy, and Tyler Perry keep this Christmas picture moving with over 115 laughs. ". Russell & Cissy

Madea (Tyler Perry) accompanies her niece, Eileen (Anna Maria Horsford), to the small town of Buck Tussel, Alabama to pay a surprise visit to Eileen's daughter, Lacey (Tika Sumpter), who has refused to come home for Christmas. The real reason Lacey is avoiding her judgmental mother is that she has secretly married Connor (Chad Michael Murray), a white classmate from college. When Eileen and Madea arrive at Lacey's farm, she tells them that Connor is an employee, but her lie soon spins out of control.

R & C Warnings: sexual references, crude humor and language (3).

Audience Emotional Responses ( Based on a near to full house ) Laughs 116, Ooooos 2, Awe moments 1.

Rating: PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned

Lions Gate Films - 1:52 - Release Date: December 13, 2013

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Reviewed by Pumpkin_Man 10 / 10

Merry Christmas, Madea Style!!!

Tyler Perry is a very interesting person. He gives Tommy Wiseau a run for his money. In pretty much all his movies, there is random sub-plot drama that I love to make fun of. There is always some woman in an abusive relationship or trying to better herself, up to a family member slowly dying from a disease. Personally, I just wish he'd stick directly on the Madea character. She's the main star that everyone wants to see. That's what was great about her last outing, Witness Protection. It was basically focused on her and dealing with Eugene Levy's family.

A Madea Christmas kinda returns to the basics with a little family drama, but not overkill. It was the right amount of drama and the right amount of Madea. It's filled with good comedy, cheesy but funny one- liners, good messages, and should hopefully put you in the Christmas spirit.

Madea is working part-time at a department store for the holidays with her friend, Eileen. Eileen is depressed because her daughter, Lacey won't be able to make it home for Christmas. Eileen asks a reluctant Madea to help drive her out to Alabama to Lacey's for Christmas. Lacey is startled because she has not told her mom that she has married a white man named Conner. Lacey soon has to deal with in-laws, keeping secrets from her mom and trying to get the Christmas Jubilee to keep its religious tone. If you love Madea and Christmas movies, I highly recommend A MADEA Christmas!!!

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