A Merry Friggin' Christmas


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
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Robin Williams as Virgil Mitchler
Lauren Graham as Luann Mitchler
Wendi McLendon-Covey as Shauna Welnke
Oliver Platt as Hobo Santa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Louis Gur 3 / 10

One of our captain's last movies is truly awful.

I know you're only paying attention to this movie because of one of the greatest actors and comedians of all time, who recently died (Robin Williams if you didn't know) is in it. That's the only reason I even watched this Christmas comedy. Or, I'm actually a fan of some Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street and I even thought Jingle All The Way kind of worked. However, A Merry Friggin Christmas is a poorly made comedy with a very bad cast. I like most of the actors in the film like Clark Duke , but they all did an awful job. The absolute horrible script. doesn't really help.

The story centers around a father who accidentally leaves all his son's Christmas presents at home, and attempts to make the 8-hour round trip before sunrise to get the presents, with his dad who's played by Robin Williams. Since I grew up with Robin Williams, I had to watch this. His death hit me so hard even though I never knew him or met him. I ignored the awful plot at first, but everything is just so bad about this film.

The main problem is that it's supposed to be a comedy with a few touching moments. I can't remember laughing while watching this. All the jokes were either very childish or just dumb. I don't think Robin Williams improvised any of his lines in this film, because I have never watched a movie with him there I didn't laugh at least twice. Since you weren't introduced to the characters in this comedy at all, you didn't really care about them.

This is just an awful Christmas movie everyone should at least try to avoid. I'm giving the movie a 3/10 because I still thought it was nice to see Robin Williams and Oliver Platt (who also starred together in the very good sci-fi film Bicentennial Man). Except for that, there's nothing worth mentioning here. The last years of Robin Williams consisted of poorly made comedies (except for a few movies like World's Greatest Dad), and A Merry Friggin Christmas just proves it.

Reviewed by MovieLord23 5 / 10

A Very Friggin Mediocre Christmas Movie

With the unfortunate passing of Robin Williams, the attention has been brought to his final film projects that he finished before his death. A Merry Friggin Christmas is one of those films that in reality would have been passed over if not for the tragedy that is attached to the film despite its impressive cast. The movie just looks and feels like a TV movie you would see around this time on the Hallmark Channel. While it does have some giggles and it isn't anything horrendous, it is still a mediocre film and a step down from everyone involved.

Good: The does have some giggles here and there mainly because of Williams grumpy father character. The movie overall flies by quickly and it provides enough to keep you entertained.

Bad: Nothing particularly stands out in this movie. The humor never reaches the full laugh level despite having a cast of certified heavyweights like Graham, Oliver Platt, Bergen, Tambor, Williams, and of course Joel McHale. It goes from point A to B without much surprises in the way leading to its TV movie feel.

Overall, it isn't terrible and if your family rented it to watch around Christmas time it isn't the worst choice, but there are plenty of better films to choose from.

Reviewed by gerry barnaby Film Reviewer 6 / 10

Not Really a Comedy More like a Drama

This was pretty hard to watch as it star one of my idols the late Robin Williams who dose a fantastic job a playing this grump old former alcoholic father who was never really there for he's kids, he's performance is as away perfect its such a sad time to see a great actor pass from us. Although i wouldn't really say this is a comedy in a way as it very depressing & bleak at time's but you get why this is as it set a tone more as a drama than a comedy as you see the son Boyd Mitchler played by Joel McHale who seem to hate his father for never being around & always being drunk. The story goes along at a stead pace as you see the character's develop, it soon becomes this family bonding time with his father as he force to go back home to get something for he own son. What clever is this film show just how damaging curtain bad thing happen in family's can be this is where this film start to take on a bleak dark tone of sadness, it not really a funny comedy its more of a black comedy drama type film in a way but still worth watching.

Dislikes : Comedy's are meant to lift you up & make you feel good, this just ended up making me depressed just because of the tone of the film, although i thought it was good film, but this is far from a comedy lack the laughter & light humour.

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