A Month in the Country


Action / Drama

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Kenneth Branagh as James Moon
Colin Firth as Birkin
Natasha Richardson as Alice Keach
Jim Carter as Ellerbeck

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bradwan 10 / 10

A quiet, moving and intelligent film

As the person responsible for persuading Channel 4 to release this film on DVD for the first time I obviously hold a candle for this film. I knew the author of the novel, Carr, and spent a long time finding a print and the right holders. I didn't see it until the first showing for a decade, at my own book's launch, and I was stunned by how good, and how close to the book, it was. It is very quiet and very English. You will either fall in love with it, or miss the point and get bored. I doubt there is much middle ground. Kenneth Branagh is very proud of the film and Colin Firth rates it as one of his best ever performances. You should find more about my finding of the film on my bradwan site.

Reviewed by catherine desgranges ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Renewal for the soul

It's a love story about rebirth and self healing. The foundation of the plot seems very simple: a young man comes in a town to clean the wall of a church. With a subject like that it could be absolutely boring...but it's not. "Emotion" could be the word to describe it all, though "repressed emotion" would be even more accurate. It's a delicate movie, with thousands of details you might not see the first time; it's deep and truly is a masterpiece in its genre.

Of course to appreciate it you must love repertoire movies. It's not a blockbuster movie...far from that. You must be in a slow mood I guess to enjoy it.

This is the kind of movie I would like to keep in my collection: isn't it a pity that "anonymous" has probably sold his tape already? (I cannot find it in Montreal!)

Reviewed by tanter-1 10 / 10

Wonderful film

I have only seen this film twice because it was shown on cable and I've never been able to find it since. It is beautifully filmed and it really captures the essence of ART. No sex, no bad language, nothing objectionable, just pure film, pure cinema. Colin Firth is beautiful in this--he plays the character just right, a bit of angst, a bit of frustration and a whole lot of artist. Kenneth Branagh isn't bad either, and I don't always love him. One thing that makes this film so beautiful is the lighting. It's rarely dark--there's lots of sun and color, just like a landscape painting. They were very careful to make this a film about art and it's very successful. If you like Colin, you'll love this movie.

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