A Most Violent Year


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 90%
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Jessica Chastain as Anna Morales
Oscar Isaac as Abel Morales
Ashley Williams as Deputy Lange
Elyes Gabel as Julian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Greene 7 / 10

Methodic Thriller

Chandor (All is Lost) is one of the more prolific young directors working. With AMVY, an adult mystery-drama-thriller, he screams of the classics: tension of French Connection, quiet of Chinatown, and menace of Mean Streets. It's a fantastic period piece that creates an authentic, distinct look at 1980s New York, while tonally replicating films from that era. Is it a bit TOO quiet and a bit TOO slow at times? Yep…but the taut skill on display is too good to ignore. Abel Morales, a successful, hardworking oil company owner, tries to thrive and survive during 1981 NYC, the most violent year in history. Despite this premise, the crime-action is more a successfully imminent background thought than a constant in-your- face presence. As the movie progresses and ultimately gets better, the subtle suspense builds, and each individual incident pushes Morales closer to his breaking point. Isaac shines in the protagonist role, playing one of the coolest characters around: broken yet proud, strong yet vulnerable, decent yet pressed, and shrewdly bad-to-the-bone. I wish Chastain was a bit more up to the task as his ominous, hardly-doting wife, but luckily she's not a huge distraction to the otherwise stellar acting by some of Hollywood's great new talents. Throughout the solid work being done, we are presented with some great things to ponder: wanting the American dream without knowing why; struggling to be successful without becoming corrupt; juggling humility and pride in a world that drains you. Unfortunately the character's relationships with these different questions bring the movie to a bore at times. Mostly though, it manages to be a solid little award-season drama.

Reviewed by trublu215 9 / 10

A gritty, atmospheric throwback crime thriller with its cast in top form

A Most Violent Year marks J.C. Chandor's directorial return to form in this gritty thriller telling the tale of a man constantly pressured by the elements of his surroundings. Featuring an onslaught of phenomenal performances and a slow burning screenplay, A Most Violent Year rises on the list of the very best of 2014. The film tells the story of the Morales family as they struggle to maintain their business empire during 1981 New York City, which is statistically the city's most crime ridden year. The film follows Abel, played by Oscar Issac, an immigrant who started his home oil business from the ground up and essentially is living the American Dream. When hijackings begin to start happening, one of which turning violent, the NYPD begin to dig into his empire, setting off a chain reaction of events that threaten to destroy the life he worked so hard to build. The film is an interesting contrast between Abel the family man and Abel the business man. He is a man that isn't afraid to do the unthinkable if he is crossed, not because he is a gangster or a violent criminal but because he is protecting what he cares about and when push comes to shove, he is willing to do whatever it takes. The best parts of A Most Violent Year come from the scenes with Abel and Anna, played by Oscar Issac and Jessica Chastain. To start off, both of these actors deliver career best performances and make you feel every word their saying. This is definite kudos to Chandor. His ability to humanize his characters is impeccable and A Most Violent Year is a clear cut showcase of what he is capable of behind the camera. To Chandor, his actors are key, without them, this film could fall apart very easily with one false note. It feels as if Chandor wrote the screenplay for these two and it really pays off, especially for Jessica Chastain, who is unbelievably good playing a manipulative Shakespearean femme fatale. The supporting cast features David Oyelowo, Alessandro Nivola, and the great Albert Brooks and they are absolutely exceptional in this film. The screenplay, as I said above, is terrific. It is realistic and grounded in 1970s-esque grit, echoing back to films such as The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The French Connection and Serpico. This is a film that fits very nicely in between The French Connection and Serpico. It is not a film about an event or a chronicle of the most violent year in New York's history, it is about characters. It is a character driven film and those of you who are looking for something a bit more filling regarding entertainment value, you'll be sorely disappointed with this film. Despite it's title, there are very few scenes of violence but when there is violence, it is usually sudden and realistic and doesn't wallow in the actual act of violence, it analyzes the affects of the violence at hand. My only issue that I had with A Most Violent Year is the cinematography. Bradford Young is an amazing cinematographer and really does well behind the camera but I don't feel as though he captured the essence of 1981. The film is crisp, clean and very digitized considering the time period we're supposed to be set in. The colors are all there and the tones are perfect but it is just too crisp looking and doesn't allow us to truly experience Chandor's New York City. Despite the digital look, the film's colors are very cold and desolate, making New York look as if it were on its way to becoming a deserted wasteland. Overall, A Most Violent Year is a slow burning crime thriller that is seeping with great performances and a brilliant script. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by spaceman88 8 / 10

Atmospheric dark drama

Having seen it a few days ago, the more I think of "A Most Violent Year", the more I like it.

This is not a spoiler, but a friendly tip: don't expect a lot of what the title implies, because the movie does not focus on violence.

While there are tense and violent moments, the movie's strenght lies in the performances and the interactions between characters.

Oscar Isaac plays Abel, a businessman who is trying to make a clean living while being more and more pressured by an unknown threat. The competition plays dirty while he wants to stay an honest man.

Abel's moral struggle is what the narrative revolves around. Jessica Chastain play Anna, Abel's wife and business partner. She is equally as powerful, assertive and dominant as he is, if not more so.

The director did a wonderful job at creating a tense, sad and dramatic mood throughout. The cinematography is wonderful, the subtle moody soundtrack plays a big part in creating a feeling of impending doom throughout the entire movie, and I am very impressed by the recreation of a 1981 New York. It's very immersive.

While nothing mainstream audiences will drool over, I find "A Most Violent Year" an excellent drama. If you like this movie, you should give "The Two Faces Of January" a chance as well. Not only you would notice what a chameleon Oscar Isaac is, but you might enjoy the classic mood and character-driven vibe of that film as well.

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