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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by recycler-44191 1 / 10


When I heard that Robert Fripp had contributed music to this film I had to see it. Now I know why it is titled as it is. After 15 minutes, I felt like running away and screaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!, from this ridiculous nightmare of a film. I do not see how anyone in they're right mind could give a "brilliant portrayal" or "amazing performance", when the only lines are moronic grunting. I can not even believe Toyah agreed to do this film. She must be close friends with the producer.

Not even Fripp could save this piece of work. Someone finally beat "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", for the worst film ever made.


Reviewed by FlashCallahan 8 / 10

Banana splits.......

Alpha Male Smith and his Beta, Keith, move to take over a local community.

They hook up with restless Female, Denise, igniting a deadly feud in which emotions run high and deep-seated grudges resurface amongst the tribe.........

Watch this film with the sound off, and it's a very strange take on the kitchen sink drama.

Two men, one obviously the leader, walk for what seems a matter of days to a house that seems like your ordinary working class family. You have your rebellious teen, atypical stay at home mother, and the obvious boyfriend who works, comes home, gets drunk and ignores the family unless he reviles them.

And then there's the father who lives in the garden with a penchant for Batenberg cake.

Sounds strange, but coming from the people who gave us The Mighty Boosh, and with a directorial debut from Oram, you sort of know that you are entering some sort of whimsical world.

Turn the sound on, and the cast speak entirely in caveman/ape like sounds, a sort of Quest For Fire meets Shameless.

Once you get used to this guerrilla (he he) style of film making, you really start to take interest in the narrative and the films depiction of the characters and how simple actions make the take a different direction in their journey.

Could the film be a damning report on our civilisations decline, the fact that the government are all too ready to give hand outs so people decide not to work, thus enabling a certain demographic to dumb down, or is it one mans nightmare, bought to the screen for us to share his subliminal suffering?

Whatever the message is, it's a stark vision to watch, Oram appears to have some sort of obsession with the phallus, and if you were expecting some sort of comedy, be very weary of entering this movie, it's a dark, vicious tale about weakness, losing everything, getting it back in a pseudo sort of way, and then being the one who makes the ultimate decision.

Performances are great, especially from Barratt, Honigman, and Wilcox.

Strange scenes that seem to not have anything to do with the film stick with you long after viewing, such as what the family are watching on TV. They make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I guarantee that you've seen something like this several times on your TV.

It's a Marmite movie for sure, you'll either love it, or hate it, but you'll never say its boring.

An intriguing assault.

Reviewed by John Forrest 7 / 10

Insane but great

I was lucky to get the chance to see this at the Cameo in Edinburgh on 9-Oct 2015, followed by a Q&A with Steve Oram. Steve reckons he saw a film/documentary about apes where one tribe attacked another - the males of one tribe killed all the males and youngsters of the other, raped the females then sat in the trees looking highly satisfied with themselves. Aaaaaaaah ! is a kind of adaptation of this story with the apes replaced by humans. Toyah is brilliant, Noel Fielding makes a short but entertaining cameo and the soundtrack, original tracks by Robert Fripp, is immense. Looking forward to seeing the Director's Cut with the extra blancmange.

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