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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kupukupumu 5 / 10

A Ruined House

I like the idea of this movie which I considered quite original. Also the story has the potential to make this as a very good movie. But unfortunately, it the journey is ruined by the execution.

The Good The idea is quite good. Not some haunted family or teenagers running around.

The Bad Casting of the main protagonists: no chemistry and (sorry) the main actor's acting is not convincing at all. She looks blank when presented with an ultra scenic ghost house in the middle of no where, in which normal people will be amazed, fearful, run away or anything. Maybe the green screen is a just a big green screen so she cannot imagine what she should see. The scenes are also boring and at many times feels too slow. Some dialogs are too wordy trying to be poetic, but in the end only confuse audience. This is not Penny Dreadful series conversations.

Summary Hope they can remake this movie into a better one.

Reviewed by venusboys3 9 / 10

A Very Haunted House

Like a lot of my favorite horror films, Abattoir is far from perfect... BUT, it more than makes up for its shortcomings with its ideas and follow through. The heroine of the film says at one point that she loves old things. She's sentimental and the way she dresses had me thinking, for a moment at the beginning of the film, that this was all set in the 40s. It's not, but it is about the past. About holding on too hard to things we really should let go of. It actually reminds me a lot of a recent book by Stephen King, though not in any specifics, just general theme. Also, there a bit of Thomas Ligotti to its underlying cosmology, and I enjoyed that aspect of it a lot.

The dialogue is pretty odd in places... and the movie doesn't try too hard for plausibility regarding its two main protagonists, their careers and connections. I wish it had been a bit less surreal in those early scenes to heighten the contrast with what comes later. What does come later does not disappoint. This is a movie about a haunted man building a VERY haunted house. He has his reasons and they are dark. This isn't really a gory movie but it's gruesome and weird, it's not full of jump scares but its ideas are haunting.

Definitely NOT for everyone, it takes some patience to make it through the first half of the film and a bit of willing disbelief for some of the things its characters do, but for myself it was well worth it.

Reviewed by kitteh-76 1 / 10

It is really that bad

I am still mourning my money that I had spend on this turd of a movie. Sitting trough this felt like a root treatment without anesthesia, wearing Spanish boots and listening to Justin Bieber.

It started with a decent idea - houses with crime scenes are sold off to some mysterious buyer, who rips out the killing room to install it somewhere else. A girl dressed up like a 50ies starlet (why?) and a cop (her boyfriend? A fling? There is literally no chemistry between them and it really doesn't matter considering the movies many, many flaws.) try to solve the case. Hadn't seen this before, thought it might get interesting. No man.

The story went downhill fast and disastrous, becomes super abstruse and pointless, uncreative and plain stupid. The dialogues are so cringe worthy, it felt more like a soap opera. A really bad one. And I don't start to rant about the cops abominable American fake accent.

The main actress is a pain in the ass from the second she appears on screen. The trend to cast actresses for looks over talent also happened here. She was plain horrible and to my deepest distress, the rest of the cast was as nasty to watch.

This movie tries so hard to look different, it's pathetic. They try to gloss over the horrible writing, but it is all in vain. And worst of it all: even the jump scares weren't scary. The overall feel is that some douche gave an even bigger douche a budget with one option: mess it up as bad as you can. Forget about a plot, just throw random stuff together for the sake of it and release the beast.

I give the filmmakers one credit, they really tried to make the movie look nice. The production designer is the only one who deserves some praise. The rest go be ashamed of yourself for wasting my money and my time.


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