ABCs of Death 2


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon2016 6 / 10

On the whole, better than the first

Let's get down to business:

A - A great start. It cleverly contrasts the glamorous fantasy with the harsh reality in the life of a professional assassin, and has a terrific ironic payoff, to boot. ***1/2

B - A little too much shaky cam, but a funny ending makes it worth it. ***

C - Gruesome and brutal miscarriage of justice. ***

D - Great claymation, but I did not understand the "story" at all. **1/2

E - Imaginative direction, WTF ending. **1/2

F - Well-done, sad tale, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (!) The woman in this one gives one of the strongest performances in the entire film. **1/2

G - The first complete dud. Ugly and disgusting, and not in a good way, either. Ugh! 0

H - A curious little animation piece. **

I - An one-joke premise (old matriarch won't die no matter how many times her inheritors "kill" her) that can barely sustain even three minutes of running time! *1/2

J - A disturbing, effective anti gay-intolerance parable, though I don't quite "get" the title (J is for Jesus). **1/2

K - Artistically made, with a beautiful leading lady and hypnotic imagery, but also a nonsensical story. **1/2

L - Poorly put together and disjointed. *1/2

M - Hard to believe THIS was voted the best entry in the long-running open-for-public competition that was held for choosing who would get to do this particular letter. *1/2

N - A creative N.Y. love story, with a macabre end. **1/2

O - Sounds better than it plays (zombies judge and condemn people to death for killing....zombies!). **

P - Awful sub-Three Stooges "comedy", though slightly more bearable than "G" above. 1/2

Q - Smart and funny. In America, can you marry your widow's sister? ***

R - Very suspenseful, but a frustratingly incomplete ending. Probably the short most in need of expansion. **1/2

S - Good use of the split screen(s), some unexpected stings in the tail of this tale. ***

T - A disappointing throwaway, I expected more from the Soska Sisters. *1/2

U - One of the best entries. Eloquently tells a complete story in three minutes - without any dialogue! ***

V - A bold and creative technical experiment - largely successful. ***

W - Wickedly funny and thoroughly perverse (wait till you see "Fantasy Man"!) ***

X - Far from the most graphic, but probably the most extreme and sickening of the shorts, in terms of what happens in it. **

Y - Trademark Japanese wackiness - but with a point! **1/2

Z - Astonishingly gruesome "body horror", for the strongest stomachs only. Others might be advised to finish the movie five minutes earlier. **

On the whole, "ABCs of Death 2" improves upon its predecessor; the production values / special effects / camera work are superior, there are a couple of shorts that surpass any of those in the first film, and only two - G and P - out of the 26 are completely skip-worthy, IMO.

Reviewed by ApproximatelyHandsome 7 / 10

ABCs of Death 2

I'm a big fan of anthology movies/series, and I enjoyed the first entry quite a bit. The sequel is, I would argue, even better than the first: The short films are well-shot, scored, and acted, as well as often clever and socially relevant. It's hard to discuss overall narrative arcs or tone when it comes to anthology films, particularly one with as many short films within it, but it's solid all around. My one overall complaint with both this entry and the previous one is that, unsurprisingly (given the subject matter) there is a heavy amount of gore and violence that can become difficult to sit through. Overall however, this is both a solid and promising sequel (and the last segment is both excellent and genuinely shocking).

Reviewed by dadatuuexx 4 / 10

A lot like the first ,but of course ,not like the first.

I will say that these ABC movies are great for some lite viewing.As i said in my review of the first one ,you get a chance to see an artist;s work ,and can keep track of the works that are out there to see.It also gives a person a red flag to a persons work that you may want to avoid in the future.Most of the shorts(each about 5 mins.) are well done ,as far as competent film making ,and production goes.I have a few new artists to follow ,and a few to avoid.Some of the stories are very cool,or very cool to watch(letter D,a personal fave ,cause this artists work is great),and others just had me shaking my head....(letter p )so ,to sum it up ,these are all new stories ,by all new filmmakers,doing what they did in part one.Telling stories,and showing us something worth watching.On that respect,they pulled it off again ,with style ,and flare.Worth a watch if you liked the first one.If this is all new to you ,the viewer ,go back and see the first one ,as this is not the kind of movie that you need to see the first one ,to follow the second.Good stuff,check it out.

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