Absolutely Anything


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
IMDb Rating 6 10 28301


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Kate Beckinsale as Catherine
Simon Pegg as Neil
Robin Williams as Dennis the Dog
Terry Gilliam as Extraterrestrial
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kuuk3 3 / 10

So much potential wasted

This film features a comedian cast list that could bankroll a small country. But even together they could not make a film I want to ever watch again.

I imagine their pay-cheques were so high, they could not afford to venture out of his apartment, as thats where 75% of the film is set. They have a few scenes in a school cafeteria and one in a studio for a TV show, but alas neither of them has Simon's character in them.

The talent they had available was exceptional and if Simon was given a scene on the talk show about the book he was apparently writing - it would have led to many great one- liners. But the scene never happened. If he had used his powers on the naughty students in his class, there is comedy gold to be had. But instead he just does nothing. Its as though there were tons of set-ups but sadly no pay-offs.

Since most the film is set in his flat, I have to believe its due to budget constraints after paying all the artists and animators. Even the world changing issue we only ever see through his TV set as a news report, and never actually see any of it.

Then we have Kate, who is a 10 in anybodies rating, and Simon who is not even in her Universe. She felt so out of place in this film. You could tell she had three hours of makeup before every scene and her pedestal lifted her well beyond the reach of Simons character. Nothing against Simon, but I just didn't feel any connection between them whatsoever - there was no romance, other than what we were being told. Then we have the fact that she had three guys making moves on her - she becomes nothing but a sex object. She had no purpose, plot, story and even her job which had ties to Simon was ignored. Its just who will be the first to rape her, and eventually it becomes the one person it shouldn't have been.

Speaking off the rape scene - it appears the editor realised their mistake and quickly edited in a cartoon excuse to try and soften the blow a little. But it was too little, too late. She even calls him out on it later, and then forgives him for it. Why?

God Almighty, this film is not. Limitless showed better use of his powers than this. Even Lucy had a better explanation for how they are received. It just felt like a rush production in all areas and they used up too much money on the cast, which could have been put to much better use travelling the world with the powers he had. His search for happiness continues.

Reviewed by Marc d'Entremont 6 / 10

Absolutely Nuts

A group of aliens decide to put the fate of the world in the hands of one random guy by giving him the power to make anything happen as a test towards predicting the values of humanity.

British writer/director Terry Jones, known for his work with the hilarious Monty Python comedy group, returns with his first feature film in 19 years for Absolutely Anything, and it's absolutely perfect absurdity. From a hilarious talking dog to a series of unpredictable gags ranging from walking turds to the accidental annihilation of an entire classroom of kids, the film's unpredictable humor is completely nuts. But like a fine mix of chocolate-covered nuts, Jones makes sure none of the jokes ever become mean-spirited, ensuring the film maintains some refined substance through its mostly lighthearted antics. Just don't expect the same style of humor seen in his '70s comedic masterpiece Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Now I won't try and bring your hopes up with empty promises, considering this flick is far from being award-worthy. Any forms of deep character development or profound script elements are instead replaced with an extra dose of silly gags, but at least they're funny enough to justify their existence. Full of unexpected wit that cleverly mixes its comedic styles, Absolutely Anything had me laughing from start to finish. Obviously Simon Pegg deserves some recognition for this, considering he's the one that allowed the far-fetched situations come to life with impeccable comedic timing. The best parts are, of course, the trial and error associated with Pegg trying to figure out how to properly use his powers without having them hilariously backfire in his face. What will surprise audiences the most, however, is the fantastic voice work brought to Pegg's lovably annoying pet dog by none other than the late legend himself, Robin Williams. It's a little bittersweet considering it's his final roll, but it certainly comes with great pleasure to say it's a memorable one.

Thankfully I never bothered checking out the film's Rotten Tomatoes rating before watching it, because it's exceptionally low 8% critic approval might have persuaded me not to give it a chance. How the undeniably pointless Stan-Helsing or Kevin Smith's unfunny detective comedy Cop Out managed to get higher critic approval scores is beyond me. Maybe it's time people adjust the tracking on their VCRs and take the time to actually watch things clearly. Wait… People don't watch VHS tapes anymore? Oh… Well I guess we can't really blame the picture quality now can we? Hum… Perhaps my taste in movies has just relinquished in quality over the years? Or maybe my sense of humor just belongs in a Saturday morning cartoon? Either way, I'd like to think I'm not the crazy one.

Reviewed by darthlewisroon 9 / 10

Great film

This is a great film, except, for some reason, they have put 6 F-words in it. I'm only 10, so I was surprised to see such bad language in a 12A. However, it is a very funny film. I especially like the part where he is watching TV and seeing all the stuff he has done wrong. This is on of my favourite films, so I was very surprised when I looked at the rating in the morning (8.6) and then the rating after I went to see it (6.1).

I highly recommend this film, though not for kids.

Look at the IMDb Parents Guide (I tried to get it on Common Sense Media, but it wouldn't work).

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