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Steven Seagal as John Alexander
Vinnie Jones as The Boss
Lesley-Anne Down as Zvetlana
Byron Mann as Chi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freddiewit 8 / 10

Good Suspense, Enjoyable Action - Few Bad Actors/Actress - Good overall

Apart from his superhuman (untouchable) nature in most movies (even against the best of opponents), I like Segal's movies and this is not an exception. If anything, this is better than many of his past movies and I could not believe the low rating on here.

For the benefit of those that are not that picky and just want some reasonable action, read my brief review below.


I am giving it 8/10 because of:

- The suspense (was good enough) - The action (not the best choreography but enjoyable)


The main thing I have against this movie is the bad acting of some of the actors/actresses especially the non-Americans.

Reviewed by maxpc 6 / 10

Not too bad.

After watching so many cheesy, make-a-buck movies from Steven Seagal this one is almost better than his earlier make-a-buck flicks.

Maybe it's not entirely his fault that the last succession of movies he's put out were pure money-grabbers; I guess you could blame that on the producers and directors (forgive me if I don't know if he produced or directed them himself).

However, I personally liked this one and would recommend it as a decent watch. I've been a fan since the 80's and will continue to follow his attempts of good film making.

He seems to be an OK guy and his movies don't suck too much. I like them all, even the poor ones.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10

It's Too Late For Absolution Steven

This starts with a man called John Alexander undergoing contemplative brooding introspection:

"I've been a bad man my whole life . If I can do only one good thing in life then that would give me absolution"

Considering John is played by Steven Seagal a more honest appraisal might be:

"I've been an abysmally bad actor my entire life . If I could only make one half decent movie then that would be absolution for the audience"

Unfortunately ABSOLUTION is not that film and seeing the physical appearance of Seagal tells us that it's never going to happen either . It's something of a shock the way Seagal looks nowadays . Try and imagine Marlon Brando in APOCALYPSE NOW with too much artificial hair and that gives you a vague idea of what happens if you're an action movie star who doesn't visit the gym very often . You do wonder how SS is going to kick some ass in his present condition . This is easily explained - he shoots bad guys and leaves any jumping and kicking to his cohort , or failing that a stunt double with his back to camera . It's not absolution that is required but lots of salad and exercise

The film starts with SS being given a mission to eliminate "This Afghan national working for the Iranians and with ties to Pakistan" It's at this very early point alarm bells start ringing that the geo-politics here might be wrong since the Persians and Pakistanis have never really been allies . That said this Afghan national isn't really the main villain , it's a character played by Vinnie Jones and when you're watching a film where Jones gives the most impressive performance that might explain why ABSOLUTION has gone straight to DVD

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