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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Production value of a peasant

There have been movies with limited budget which are pleasantly enjoyable, unfortunately Adormidera is not one of them. It has issues on the most fundamental aspects such as script, camera work and even sound mixing till the point that it's hard to invest on the movie at all. This resembles more of some friends making video in Renaissance fair than actual feature length movie.

Story follows five soldiers who survive the war. They are in their way home when they meet with several dubious characters who involve them in a power struggle. There is lack of clarity on the war mentioned, the main character uses heavy monologues, but ultimately doesn't explain much. The monologues are not only needlessly long and aplenty, they also create synchronization errors for most of the sound effects.

The sound is oddly out of tune from its visual. Some of the lines feel bizarre, but the worst is the sound effect of the surroundings. There are far too many times when the footstep, motion or even background noise feel simply muted or in much lower volume. Sadly, graphic doesn't fare much better with shaky and jittery cam.

Some of the scenes are shot very closely to the characters' faces, right zoomed in their foreheads or jaws. This starts off annoying and it becomes just silly as important sequences show only half face of the characters. The contrast between light and darkness is poor, creating indiscernible scenes as the story goes into nighttime. Also, the persistent problem of rumbling camera exists, but the movie takes it further as it accidentally shoots random objects or background.

Acting is subpar, most of the characters are overly zealous or simply uncomfortable. Maybe the lead role Andrei Claude is decent here, but as random extras interact with high pitch tone or wooden expression it's hard to take the plot seriously. Story is a vague endeavor, using war torn theme and damsel-in-distress female. It doesn't culminate well as the climatic fights are merely random brawls.

If the movie had some sort of solid production, it could have been a decent past time, but as it stands with multitude of basic flaws, Adormidera is nearly unbearable.

Reviewed by Booboo Bear 1 / 10

Just a terrible, terrible, terrible Z-movie

This work is sickeningly awfully in every aspect. Many people from Malta and friends of the team must have voted.

The script is poor, the plot lacks proper development, the dialogues are sickly, the acting is amateurish... I can go into more detail and cover elements such as filming techniques, colour and sound but I'll spare you all that.

The director also resorted to the idea of employing some kind of fake, working-class English accent which can be anachronistically and distastefully hilarious for a very short while but it gets overbearing and tedious right away.

How did that famous tenor Joseph Calleja accept a role in this Z movie? Has he lost all self-respect?

There should never have been a theatre release and the team should have reserved this film for their own personal use.

Reviewed by George Harris 6 / 10

Visually good and entertaining, could've done with a better script

Although visually I feel this movie does live up to its expectations the script does not seem to match up as well. The plot itself is fine, and towards the end it draws you in much more. The dialogue, the development of secondary characters and the transition between scenes could have been much better though.

It was interesting to see how despite the weakness in the script and lack of direction the lead actor still plays out his role as Tristan very well, a character which seems to prevail throughout the entire movie. The stereotypical tall, dark and handsome hero possesses a powerful screen presence and delivers a very charismatic and enjoyable performance.

The battle scene towards the end is also quite gripping, and the action gets even better in the one-on-one segments. Nothing too graphic, which justifies the PG rating, but it keeps you on edge until the the very end.

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