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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brian BarrSinister ([email protected]) 9 / 10

Finally, a film that is what P.O.V Horror is supposed to be

This movie is a good example of what storytelling, believable narrative,character interplay and balanced action is ALL about. I was unacquainted with the sub-genre of this film and went into it expecting to let it unfold as a cautionary tale, in a similar manner as the movie Contracted. It is really rare,in my opinion, to actually stay interested as a film develops its characters and back-story. The solid acting, quirky dialog,pace and storyline are interesting enough that the viewer is content to watch as Derek and Clif prepare to undertake filming the vacation of a lifetime. Afflicted manages to avoid sticky,boring clichés and deliver some real thrills as the story and palpable desperation begins to unfold. Without giving away too much of the plot, I will say that this movie is EASILY one of my favorites in a much over-used genre, and the sympathetic, believable protagonists in the film will really keep you caring what happens to them next. Stick around for the credits and enjoy this refreshing, intense and superbly done film. Cheers!

Reviewed by ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Creepy good! Found-footage horror flick that manages to breathe new life into the tired sub-genre

AFFLICTED (2013) *** Found-footage horror flick that manages to breathe new life into the tired sub-genre thanks to newbie tag-team filmmakers (and real-life buds) Derek Lee and Clif Prowse as the duo embark upon a globe-trotting journey …into fear, when Lee's encounter with a beautiful woman (Baya Rehaz) has disastrous results - namely transforming him into a vampire. While the cheeky team acquits itself in acknowledging the mythos of nosferatu it upends it as well in the process involving some jaw-dropping special visual effects in spite of the at-times shaky-cam viewpoint. With this calling-card feature length debut lets hope this inventive creative duo not fall into the BLAIR WITCH trap of being a one-trick pony and continue a promising budding career as filmmakers. Creepy good!

Reviewed by olafiscoming 4 / 10

Not terrible, just not good

A strangely constructed film that climaxes halfway through, then spends what may be a record amount of time squeezing in a scooby-doo ending that just keeps going on, draining any momentum out of the first half.

The lead character, who begins as a sympathetic figure, ends up merely irritating and whiny. I would have preferred not knowing how and why he was afflicted. The last half of the film is spent trying to find the answer and the result is anti-climactic and pointless. I also can't help but notice the influence of V/H/S's "Amateur Night". The Sexy Demonic Seductresses is a tired trope. It was disappointing to see it here.

Can I also add, if we are going to keep up with the found-footage, pseudo-doc genre, can we at least start to attempt to maybe try to bring some common sense into play and have characters infused with enough common sense to know when to stop filming and just run? Or get help? I like found-footage and pseudo-docs. Just find a new angle. Literally. If my body is rotting away and I am killing people, I won't be too concerned with carrying a camera around. Someone find a new approach to this please.

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