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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bbickley13-921-58664 5 / 10

It was just OK, didn't fully click with me

The poster to the movie was far cooler than the movie itself.

It feels like the filmmakers allowed their love of Zombie films to influence the movie they made. The plot is about a nuclear holocaust that seem to come out of nowhere hitting on American soil and focuses on a handful of people who are dealing with the whole thing.

The cast of characters are all locked in a seller waiting for the radiation to clear up enough for them to surface. Like most small movies of it's caliber, the movie focuses mostly on the inner turmoil between the characters, who I did not find that interesting. This small crew also had to deal with others from the outside who minds have been altered do to what's happening on the surface.

Not much to the story but it did not need to be, but I my interest in the characters was lacking.

Reviewed by clarkmick33 5 / 10

Need a Valium hit after this depressing movie

Apocalypse movies are meant to have explosions, huge special effects and people fleeing from one place to the next to survive!!!....well if you are looking for that sort of apocalyptic survival movie you have stumbled to the wrong place. Ultimately the movie stars 9 peps in a cellar for one and half hours...which is quite realistic I suppose but realism is kinda boring hence the point of watch a movie to "escape from reality" Kudos to the make up team - the actors and actresses did look like they were slow succumbing to the effects of radiation. However the acting at times was just strange, especially when they are fighting off people - they seem to go all Rambo then at other times they seem quite timid. So if you want to watch a movie and have all hope washed away then sit back and enjoy the micro-scale fall of humanity.

Reviewed by theatomicreview 9 / 10

Not bad for this kind of movie

Escapist entertainment no – this film shows the 'original' sin of motion picture: it carries you away not to entertain you but eat you, chew you up and spit you out. Hollywood is not here with its heartthrob, its please you to buy a ticket, its placate your desire to see "everything is awesome," to quote from the Lego's movie. I do have to say if you want to slit your wrists don't watch this film tonight.

I don't know if you've noticed it, but today especially there are a number of end of the world movies out. If you watch this one you'll probably not see the end of the world, but the end of a couple of cities as we know them – the closest look at apocalypse limited or otherwise in cinema thus far, hands down, unless you're old enough to remember Testament. Pity this film chooses a total U.S. nuclear holocaust as opposed to a limited nuclear disaster, but then so does dream, amplifies things so to show them, and this film does reach those engrossing depths of human nature, unknown actors though it has, unknown but lost in their parts, and, consequently, you too.

You just think I'm in an armchair with my review rant, but in 1982 I parachuted with my A team into what was then West Germany with a tactical nuke (our captain carried), Donny Duke that Green Beret that found the world was not what it seemed, an unquestioning patriot from Texas. You don't know the carelessness with which we treat nukes. You don't know how close we come. Only weapons grade plutonium we lacked. Sound familiar?

I wonder at the mistake Netflix made with this movie, releasing this one instead of the Polish movie of the same name and year it was supposed to release, how that happened, because without that glitch this unheard of film would not have gotten a wide audience. Who did it, purposefully I mean, man or fate? We only know that this film gives both knowledge and a warning both almost unpalatable to our movie going tastes. We are shown what we need to do in the event of a nuclear explosion, and we are shown more in the bargain, uncomfortably more than what we bargained for: ourselves at one and the same time the worm and the demigod. You have to watch intimately to see this film is not as hopeless as it seems, with the 'good doctor', the hero of the film, reduced to barbarity and the good people shown to be the animals they are.

If you have an eye for the depths you'll hear the token Black, here well chosen, a cultural determinant thought to be a nobody, tell us what's up. Listen to his report, how the immigrants are lined up and shot, how people just give in to their inhumanity, how despite all that this is your moment in the sun with destiny, and you don't want to meet your maker a coward shaking in your boots. He gives us such an example of what humanity is more made of than the beast with his good death – his self-sacrifice to take the body of a child away so that it doesn't rot in the room of our hope hopeless though it is. See the old man die with such dignity not a burden but a blessing to all, the child die slowly not complaining at his pain, and watch the despicable man you want shot change into the man you want to be there when you need someone to depend on, and you will see the power of cinema, and maybe too a future for some unfortunate city or two somewhere or another on our crowded warring planet. Can you stand and face them?

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