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Maggie Grace as Christina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slightlymad22 8 / 10

Possibly Schwarzeneggers Best Performance

Arnie is back in possibly the best performance of his career.

Plot In A Paragraph: Two strangers' lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash.

I really enjoyed it. I'd go so far as to say it's safe as to say it's the best Arnie led movie since his return for politics. It's certainly his best performance. It's a performance lots of people doubted he had in him. I love the big guy, but I've often thought he never really had any acting talent, and he got by on his charisma and surrounding himself with top talented directors. I think it says something that I thought his best performance was in Terminator 2, as a non human. Here he absolutely knocks it out of the park, he is superb and utterly heartbreaking! Scott McNairy is equally as good as The air traffic controller Jake Baonos. He certainly is not the villain of the peace. There was only one bad guy in the movie as far as I'm concerned and he was a smarmy lawyer played by to arrogant perfection by Kevin Zegers without an ounce of empathy in him.

If I have once complaint, it's about the movies ending, which I one ruin here. All in all a compelling, well acted, well made movie. Give me thanks like this over yet another Fast & Furious or Transformers movie any day!! I hope this leads to more dramatic work for Arnie, as he shows here he has it in his locker to surprise people. I hope they take notice.

Reviewed by DrGordn 8 / 10

Arnold can actually pull off drama....

This was a very interesting experience, to watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger film without laughing or thinking "damn what a bad ass". Instead the film is emotionally tough and Arnold really pulls it off to make you feel pitiful and sad from the opening sequence. And the film becomes interesting by showing two perspectives of a very complicated and sad situation. The film makes you think about morals and revenge in a very "deep" way, something i would have never expected from an Arnold Scharzenegger film. Respect to Arnold for evolving as an actor.

Not a casual watch but definitely a very good film. (must see for Arnold fans)

Reviewed by stefan-526-296130 8 / 10

Arnold Schwarzenegger performs well outside of action too.

Don't expect any Terminators jumping around in this movie. The plot is somewhat new, and not a used up scenario you find in every second movie.

It's a movie that goes a bit deeper than the usual special effects movies these days.

I did not find this movie boring as some stated, it got a slow pace but well thought. The characters need to breathe to send their message out.

So if you want pure action, stay away from it, if you like movies that bring their message with acting, go for it. Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking with his whole body, that's what I prefer to overextended dialogues.

So if you thought you leave it out, because it's just a 6 rating, you might miss an interesting new face of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actors around him did a good job as well.

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