Age of Ice


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yazeed-182-175803 1 / 10

Please Do Something else with your time

This movie does not have a story, very weak acting and low budget. If you have anything else to do ( water your plants, mow your yard, run errands) , please do it, even if you have been putting something off for a long time, do it and don't waste your time or your money with this movie. If there is a rating lower than a (B) movie category, this should be in the bottom of the list. the best description of this movie is a high school drama and film class project. all events in the movie don't make any sense, the timing in the movie between scenes is out of logic and sync. I think the director or the writer does not know geography very well to know the distance between two countries and within the country in relationship to the anomaly in the movie.

Reviewed by jreyes-182-958979 1 / 10

Horrible film! Waste of time

Where to begin!? I was really looking forward to it. 5 minutes into the move you start noticing really bad special effects, recycled scene (in one occasion the same clip was recycled 4 times.) Scenes that completely contradict logic and the reaction of the actors is far for involving let alone believable. The story line has more holes than a mosquito net and side stories that never find conclusion leaving with a "Huh?!" feeling. Raining scenes but all the car are dry. Plane finding characters in a blizzard 3 secs after they throw 3 phones flash light on. Plane does "water landing" on a tiny lake?!?! The city in collapsing in flames but they manage to find a taxi?!?! I can go on and on! I really thought this was a parody of the actual movie. In all; REALLY BAD ACTING, FAULTY STORY LINE, SPECIALLY BAD SPECIAL EFFECTS. It's so bad it funny!

Reviewed by cpeden89 1 / 10

'i am just lost for words

well where should I begin and I think its going to be very hard filling 10 lines. don't look for this film in the Oscar nominations. firstly the acting is totally tortuous and in fact unbelievable and the lack of a credible script is partly to blame. industrial light and magic don't have to worry about the special effects on this film overshadowing any of theirs this year, or any year soon. especially note worthy, has got to be when the actors fell down the side of the pyramid landing perfectly clean and unscathed, but the best shot was the little dots that was representing the actors descent. well that's about as much as we could take and turned the crap off, if you have say 2 hrs to waste in your life then watch paint dry and not this so called film.

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