Air Force One


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller


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Harrison Ford as President James Marshall
Gary Oldman as Ivan Korshunov
William H. Macy as Major Caldwell
Glenn Close as Vice President Kathryn Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Christian Heynk 1 / 10

America, fock yeah

Now I admired the director Wolfgang Petersen after seeing DAS BOOT. This was a flick where I thought: Can't get any better. Of course, at the time, people obviously considered Hollywood a smart career move, but if we now take a look at Petersen's Hollywood films, I really think he should have stayed in Germany. Sure, he wouldn't have the money that he's having at his disposal now, but remember: DAS BOOT had a rather infinitesimal budget and nevertheless managed to thrill, enlighten and entertain millions of viewers. Now, what do we have: A German director who directs patriotic and nationalistic filth that invites the average American Joe to believe in the moral and military superiority of his own country. A movie that doesn't really discuss the topics at hand and divides the cast into good and evil with no shades of grey at all. There's one scene where Gary Oldman as the terrorist aboard the plane says to the president's daughter: Do you think your father is a better man because he's wearing a tie and a suit and because he uses smart bombs? I found this scene to be very interesting, however, in the film it is not dwelt upon. Instead we get Harrison Ford playing the father and leader of clean, wholesome politically America and being politically correct and charming and funny and whatnot. What's the moral of this film: God bless America and no place else.

Reviewed by Alvsy007 6 / 10

It is what it

Nonstop action, thrilling suspense, dark humor, and a brilliant concept, this flag waving over the top action adventure was a good two hours in 1997.

The story: Enroute back to the States from Russia, Russian Nationals hijack the President's plane and hold him and his family (as well as most of his staff) hostage aboard Air Force One in order to release a Rouge General captured earlier.

Harrison Ford from his first minute to his last looks comfortable in his Presidential role. That's to say, Ford appears, acts and just plain feels like he should be President. (Come one who saw this movie and wanted him to run). Gary Oldman's performance as the main villain (Ivan) should be up there with the likes of Alan Rickman's Hans from Die Hard and John Malkovich's Leary-Booth-Carney from In the Line of Fire (coincidentally directed by Wolfgang Peterson as well). Glenn Close pulls of the Vice President role with smirks and spunk.

Stars aside I think the supporting cast should get an equal if not harder pat on the back. These guys…and girls…. really made the movie. They're the ones that brought the chuckles and caused gasps. Wendy Crewson (The Good Son) nailed her role with more grace than a first lady has actually shown in the last recallable years. Paul Guilfoyle ("CSI", The Negotiator), was the kind gentle, "best buddy", chief-of-staff, who brought a small smile to your face every time he is on-screen. Xander Berkeley ("24", Terminator 2), plays the chilling secret service agent Gibbs. The lovable William H. Macy plays the good-mannered Air Force Officer who puts himself in harm's way for the President more time than the Secret Service agents do. He just doesn't get enough screen time toward the beginning. And Dean Stockwell will have you cussing under your breath as the power-hungry Secretary of Defense. And it seems that Wolfgang Peterson watched every great Action/Military movie of the past 3 years and hired all those "briefing room generals". For this I applaud him. As for the terrorist, they rival those of Die hard. Cold, stone-faced, funny, smooth, and just plain hateable, they did their job.

The bulk of the movie takes place aboard the Air Force One no kidding eh?). And boy do you believe it. The production designer (Williams Sandell) obviously paid attention to detail, mimicking the real Presidential Aircraft. Small, claustrophobic and believable.

Andrew W. Marlowe's script gets it job done as well. Nothing award winning. It's everything you would expect given the story it has to tell. Couple times it will make you cringe, but again, look what it needs to accomplish.

The late Jerry Goldsmith's score for this movie is a hands down classic. Only having two weeks to score the film after Peterson rejected Randy Newman's work, Goldsmith with the help of Joel Mcneely composed one of the most bombastic, riveting, emotional, suspenseful, and patriotic scores I've heard come out of the film world. It works perfectly with the movie.

A few times your mind is going to be stretch you may have to resort to the "It's just a movie" mindset. Overall its fun. Not a bad way to spend 2 hours. Harrison Ford for President.

Reviewed by phiggins 1 / 10

Holy Cremoly!

Air Force One features Harrison Ford, Glenn Close, Gary Oldman, Dean Stockewell, and William H. Macy. A dream cast! In the freshest, friskiest, funniest, laugh-out-loudest comedy of the year! Cheer as President Harrison Ford takes on the baddies all by himself – "Right now, he's our only hope". Hiss as Dean Stockwell tries to get Glenn Close to sign away power and "take down Air Force One". Will she sign? Like hell! Sigh with relief when the fax machine stalls, stalls a little longer, and then… just when we'd given up hope… stalls a little longer, and then works! Clap like a whacked-out space cadet on class-a drugs when the fax lady parachutes to safety. Scratch your head a little when you realise that the big plot device of the bad guys having a guy on the inside is of no interest or use whatsoever. Ponder for a long time just why Gary Oldman's character doesn't just shoot the wife and the kid, for crying out loud. Marvel at the advances in special effects technology that can make a plane crash in a big budget movie look like a plane crash in a primitive video game. Thrills! Spills! Drama! Action! Utter, utter, crap!

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