Air Force One


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 155922


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Harrison Ford as President James Marshall
Gary Oldman as Ivan Korshunov
William H. Macy as Major Caldwell
Glenn Close as Vice President Kathryn Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Righty-Sock ([email protected]) 7 / 10

A good action-adventure film with great special effects…

Marshall is the kind of President referred to a change in the U.S. foreign policy… He took a great risk when he stated that America will no longer tolerate any terrorist government… His policy is soon put in practice when he boards his plane on his way home…

Once is in the sky, 'Air Force One' is hijacked and currently controlled by Russian radicals who ask for the release of their leader or they'll execute a prisoner every half hour…

Harrison Ford is the action hero making his way through the plane taking out few terrorists, managing to free several hostages, trying to get to his wife and daughter who are prisoners on board…

Gary Oldman almost steals the show as the head terrorist Ivan Korshunov who takes over the president's plane…

Beautifully directed by Wolfgang Petersen who controls the action with his usual extreme intelligence, building the challenge with captivating, tense sequences from every compartment of the huge aircraft to the White House contingent in Washington…

Reviewed by photobyalan 1 / 10

It doesn't get much worse than this

**Warning** Possible Spoilers **

I gave this a 1 because IMDb wouldn't let me give it a zero.

I also must admit that I watched only 30 minutes of this piece of garbage. The hijacking of the President's aircraft by terrorists posing as Russian media was difficult to believe. That six people would be able to carry off such a feat, given the number of secret service agents that travel with the president, is highly unlikely. That hundreds of rounds from automatic weapons and large-caliber handguns could be fired on board an aircraft without affecting any critical systems is debatable. That terrorists could blow the cockpit door open, using some sort of plastic explosive, detonating it by firing a pistol at it (hitting it on the first shot, no less!), yet not injure the pilots or cause any damage to the flight deck is astonishing. When they managed to take control of the plane during landing, perform several off-road maneuvers with the plane that would make a Jeep proud, then get a Boeing 747 airborne again without benefit of a runway, that's when I went Popeye and decided I'd had all I could stand and I could stand no more.

I can suspend my disbelief as well as the next guy, but this was just asking too much.

I won't even go into the cheesy script and listless acting. Shameful.

Reviewed by Christian Heynk 1 / 10

America, fock yeah

Now I admired the director Wolfgang Petersen after seeing DAS BOOT. This was a flick where I thought: Can't get any better. Of course, at the time, people obviously considered Hollywood a smart career move, but if we now take a look at Petersen's Hollywood films, I really think he should have stayed in Germany. Sure, he wouldn't have the money that he's having at his disposal now, but remember: DAS BOOT had a rather infinitesimal budget and nevertheless managed to thrill, enlighten and entertain millions of viewers. Now, what do we have: A German director who directs patriotic and nationalistic filth that invites the average American Joe to believe in the moral and military superiority of his own country. A movie that doesn't really discuss the topics at hand and divides the cast into good and evil with no shades of grey at all. There's one scene where Gary Oldman as the terrorist aboard the plane says to the president's daughter: Do you think your father is a better man because he's wearing a tie and a suit and because he uses smart bombs? I found this scene to be very interesting, however, in the film it is not dwelt upon. Instead we get Harrison Ford playing the father and leader of clean, wholesome politically America and being politically correct and charming and funny and whatnot. What's the moral of this film: God bless America and no place else.

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