Airline Disaster


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
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Lindsey McKeon as Special Agent Gina Vitale
Meredith Baxter as President Harriet Franklin
Scott Valentine as Joseph Franklin
Sarah Lieving as Annette Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by craighan 1 / 10


A few movies are so bad they're good. This one is so bad it's just awful. The title is awful. The plot is awful. The sets are awful. The CGI is awful. The bad guys are awful, and not even in the way that bad guys are supposed to be awful. The good guys are awful, too. The directing, lighting, sound, music, editing, casting, costuming, locations, visual effects, stunts and camera-work were all awful. The writing is especially awful. The TSA must have been awful to let the bad guys on the plane with so many guns. Holding phony airplane steering wheels, shaking them around while pretending to control the plane and clipping the tops of buildings and radio towers while flying at 27,000 feet is awful. The beginning is awful. The climax is awful. And without spoiling the ending, believe me, it's awful. Everything about this movie is so awful, that it doesn't rate a superlative of any kind: even the awfulness of this movie is awful.


Reviewed by computerserviceu 1 / 10

The stupidest airplane movie ever seen...

Totally agree with the 3 previous posters - no need to elaborate on the same points. But there are so many things that does not make any sense. 10 hijackers have guns on an airplane? How is it possible to get through any security these days with a gun. The special FBI agent runs around with her gun and when she does some swift kicks supposed to be looking like some martial arts, they blurred the movie so you can not see any moves. The sky martial, an old retired man in the back corner looks like any old gentleman but totally scared and pulls out a cell phone and texts "I love you" - stands up and pulls out his gun also and one of the hijackers pops him. He knew he would be shot? It was so lame.

One third through the movie I wanted to turn it off, but I left it running while doing other things at the same time, just throwing an eye at it now and then.

It was B-acting, lame stunts, the air craft take offs are animations and so obviously studio done.

Do not waste your time on this. You will have a better time washing your dog or pulling weed in the backyard.

The producer should be billed for putting out such low quality stuff. This DVD should hopefully not even make it to Block Buster, NetFlix or the Red Box.

Reviewed by phildesign 1 / 10

One of the worst movies I've ever seen

Awful, just so utterly awful, you'd think the film-makers were about to throw couple of thousand dollars on a fire, and then thought to make this instead. As a joke. I just can't believe that the actors could keep a straight face throughout all of this.

The only thing I learnt from this movie is that all satellites make bleepy noises in orbit when they're being accessed.

The rogue mega-laser tearing up a street and a couple of buses was pretty funny, but the best humour comes when the plane is coming almost at street level over the city, people are running terrified, and a young woman stops to look over her shoulder. And we get a close up. She has a look on her face like she has mild indigestion. And then she continues running. Class.

If they'd pitched this as a comedy I might actually have bought it!

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