Aladdin and the King of Thieves


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
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Robin Williams as Genie
Jim Cummings as Razoul
CCH Pounder as The Oracle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tommy Nelson 8 / 10

By far the best Disney made for video sequel.

voices: Scott Weigner, Linda Larkin, Val Bettin, Frank Welker, John Rhys Davies, Gilbert Gottfried, CCH Pounder and Robin Williams.

Unlike later made for video sequels, this one does not follow the plot line, "Main character has a kid, who longs for what he/she can't have." This movie has a great plot, it's that Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding is crashed by the 40 thieves, the leader of the group is his long lost father. This also marks the return of Robin Williams as Genie, where the sequel and television show had Dan Castellaneta. Of course, since Robin returns he has a gag every ten seconds, but most of them land pretty well. The songs are quite good, and the characters are really quite fun. The animation is not that great, but it works well enough where you don't really notice it. I recommend this finale to the Alddin trilogy.

My rating-*** out of ****. 81 mins. Rated G.

Reviewed by George Mussman (GEM-20) 7 / 10

Good sequel!

I enjoyed this sequel to "Aladdin". Another of Disney's direct-to-video releases, the movie features decent animation, a good story, and music that is pretty good.

In the story, Aladdin goes in search of his father. Upon discovering him, he finds that his dad is the leader of a gang of thieves.

I enjoyed the movie and it was nice to see (or hear) Robin Williams providing the voice of Genie again. "King Of Thieves" is a great improvement over "Return Of Jafar."

In the original "Aladdin", the animation of the flying carpet was computer generated. Here, it is done with conventional animation. There did not appear to be any extensive computer animation in "King Of Thieves."

Still, I thought that was okay. This is a made-for-video picture, and obviously it would have been made on a much smaller budget. This was a movie that was meant to be seen on television screens.

I relish that Disney has made some fine direct-to-video sequels. Most are pretty good. "King Of Thieves" is worthwhile. Disney's first made-for-video picture was "The Return Of Jafar" (the first "Aladdin" sequel). "Lion King II - Simba's Pride", and "Pocahontas II - Journey To A New World" are others. I recommend all of them.

Give Disney some credit. These are great additions to my Disney Library.

Reviewed by IDanceWithFishes 6 / 10

One Of The better Sequels...

This was one of the better sequels. The humour was not too cheesy, hardly surprising, seeing as the excellent Robin Willams was again voicing the Genie, and the voice of Cassim did a wonderful job. The animation wasn't great, but better then the Return of Jafar by a mile. The songs were a bit limp, but were upbeat and not that often. "Welcome to the forty Thieves," was my personal favourite. The storyline was strong and we even got a touch of mythology in there! A good yarn to keep the kids quiet, and compulsive and entertaining enough for the adults. The best sequel out there.....

Jasmine looked a little dodgy on some parts of the animation, while Cassim looked better then all of them. A few old gags and scenes from the first movie were woven in, but not to such a extent that it was major clinch overload.

A enjoyable enough film, which I actually quite like.^^

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