Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker


Action / Adventure / Family / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 34%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Sarah Bolger as Sabina Pleasure
Ewan McGregor as Ian Rider
Andy Serkis as Mr. Grin
Mickey Rourke as Darrius Sayle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrt_joe 1 / 10

What have you done?!

I was so excited about this film. I absolutely love the books, and although the trailer of the movie implied a few silly changes had been made, I still thought it would be true to the heart of the book.

What a travesty. From the moment it began I knew that being a fan of the book was not a good idea. Alex Pettyfer is not Alex Rider. Since when was Alex Rider actually particularly good at being a spy. In the film, he's already far better than any spies MI6 have to offer before he goes to training. HE'S MEANT TO BE RELUCTANT. The training camp is supposed to be a huge task for him, but apparently falling off a zip wire to music by the Gorillaz is a tough training programme.

The characters became gimmicky and ridiculous, they were like cartoon caricatures. Jack Starbright is not some kung-foo, puffer-fish loving idiot that she is in the film. Alicia Silverstone is wooden and irritating. Alex Pettyfer spends the entire duration of the film content with the fact he looks good, and doesn't feel the need to really look upset or happy or anything when these kind of emotions are required. He basically sat back, had a few facial shots of him looking moody filmed, and let his stunt double do the rest. Smithers - Stephen Fry what are you doing?? He was sarcastic and moody, he's meant to be practically the only jolly person Alex meets. And MISSI PYLE MAY JUST BE THE MOST IRRITATING ACTRESS EVER. WHAT WAS SHE DOING?!? If at any time the film started to redeem itself, she'd come on stage and run into something and say something in her ridiculous accent (By the way, that entire sequence with Jack and her made me want to walk out).

Everything was wrong. All the suspenseful moments from the book - Alex swimming under water in the mine, the jellyfish scene, the quad bike scene (which wasn't even in the film, and is one of the best scenes in the book), EVERYTHING, was just rushed and ruined, and linked together with bad one-liners such as, "what is this, Hogwarts?"

Utter, utter farce. If you are a fan of the book, do not waste your money. The Alex Rider films will certainly not be getting any more of my money.


Reviewed by embemparrotlover 5 / 10

A teenage boy becomes a spy to track down the mystery behind the new Stormbreaker computers.

I came to watch this film because I have been a fan of the Alex Rider books for many years. However, I was rather disappointed by the film. The main problem was that the film was very different from the book, with many parts of the story changed and with parts added. The ending was entirely made up for the film. I disliked the way that many of the actors chosen had no resemblance to how the character was described in the book.

I also felt that many of the action and fighting scenes were overdone and the superfluous parts annoyed me. The acting, particularly from the person playing Herod Sayle, was boring and unimaginative. The film was very jumpy in places, and I thought that people who had not read the books would have been confused by the ending. I thought that some of the lines in the film were quite strange and didn't really fit in with what was being said/going on!

However, I still gave the film a 4 out of 10 rating because of the many (usually unintentionally) funny scenes. I was particularly amused by Bill Nighy's acting in the role of Alan Blunt. Stephen Fry also added some comedy to the story in his role as Smithers. The film is reasonably watchable, probably because it only lasted 90 minutes.

Reviewed by ben-804 1 / 10


This was by far the most absurd film i have ever seen. I know spy thrillers are supposed to be a bit over the top, but this takes is to far. Missi Pyle's character was probably the worst, it was so cliche it hurt. Mickey Rourke was OK but again an absurd stereotype. I have not read the book but i doubt it had as many plot holes as the film. The only mild bit of comedy was the parody of Odd Job but it was pushed to far and ruined. The "bad guy" has no gain from his "evil plan" and the "girl" appeared like 10 minutes before the totally unbelievable ending. In short almost every actor lived up to his/her typecast and yet again Hollywood produced a movie i was offended anybody spent money on.

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