Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Miguel Telheiro 5 / 10

Simple movie for the family on a Sunday!

The reason I give this a 5 out of 10 is that this movie is a good one for the kids. A movie with a simple lesson to accept the bad days and enjoy every good one. To be more positive.

About the movie out of my point of view? Well, not that awesome, but you can't expect a lot of this kind of movies. Steve Carell didn't perform at his best, that is obvious, but that wasn't even necessary.

After all, this whole movie was from the point of view of Alexander. Of course they did choose to make it a little childish. I believe the acting was also based on the viewer to be around 5 - 10 years old. Some simple jokes, not a lot of jokes where to use the brain, but more of the eyes.

Reviewed by Clayton Holloway (Darkhorse_Knight) 1 / 10

Darkhorse Knight Review: Alexander and the Needlessly Long Title

DISCLAIMER: Review may contain Spoilers

2ND DISCLAIMER: However, since this film is cinematic trash, such a spoiler seems to give the illusion that people want to see this. I assure you, you do not. Oh yeah, spoiler alert! This movie is cinematic trash.

When I first saw the trailer to this film, I rolled my eyes and shrugged it off. I knew from the get-go I wasn't gonna enjoy this film, probably because I'm not the biggest fan of Family Pictures. Finally, I was dragged into this film with my father(I'm a teenager, 17 as of the writing of my review) and he seemed open minded enough to watch such a film. I had decided to go in, since we were about to go to Honeywell and we wished to kill time.

I bring this up because I hopefully wished this film would be just a waste of time, nothing taken and nothing given. But it surely took something of mine, and I'm not just talking about 9 Dollars and a couple of my brain cells.

How bad is it? Well, the movie begins with Kerris Dorsey throwing up in a bush and ending with male strippers dressed like Outback hunters. And this is by Disney? Odd, since I never remembered Disney trying this hard to make an Adam Sandler movie! At least Sandler goes in guns blazing with his blights on cinema, and one can admit that with each future attempt, he slowly is grasping the reigns. But here, in Alexander, almost every bit of Sandler's movies feel like Oscars when compared to Disney's attempt to clone trash into treasure.

Even Academy Award winning, Oscar-Nominated actor Steve Carell seems oddly drained of his usual charisma and comedic presence here. In fact, I believe his role in Hope Springs brought in more laughs. Even sadder, newcomer actor Edward Oxenbould tries his hardest to keep this train wreck on track, even giving a surprisingly good effort as one of the only characters that manage to have a lot going for him. Giving a solid performance with a talent all his own, which is something that's hard to come by in young actors. It's too bad he had to sabotage his filmography early by leading the charge of a film that's only funny joke comes in the absurdity of a Dick Van Dyke book reading.

The premise of Alexander and the Needlessly Long Title is that Alexander(Oxenbould) is the second youngest of his perfect family, yet he always seems to get the bulk of the bad days. The dad(Carell) is signing up for a Video-Games development team, the mother is selling a soon to be best-seller book for tykes, the older brother and sister both have gained respected positions of their school's extra-curricular activities, and even the baby seems to be near perfect as for babies concerns(unlike any of my nieces and nephew, to tell you the truth). All while poor Alexander seems to have the worst lot the days.(despite the worst thing happening being the burning of his crush's notebook.)

One night before his birthday(which is weird, since wishes usually come AT your birthday, like in Liar Liar), Little Alex makes a wish that invokes the wrath of God upon his Brady Bunch family and those who have wronged him before-hand. The family all over sleeps, the sister ends up sick, the car is out of juice, and soon the family endures one hell of a bad day. Even the baby's favorite Binky is destroyed in the garbage disposal. Oh the humanity!

The film starts to nosedive from this point, where most of the jokes are based on either bodily functions, references to other Disney films like Wreck-it Ralph, and quite possibly the most times I've heard the word for "Male Reproductive Organ" in such a family film. Seriously, they say it like 9 times, and it just feels awkward as hell. Some characters are bland, ranging from the surprisingly only funny, aforementioned Dick Van Dyke and the bland, spoiled rich girl Cella(Bella Thorne), both of which are only there to pull the story in motion, despite most of the funnier moments happening with them.

Near the end, Carell tries to right the wrong by ordering "Outback Cowboys" for Alexander's Australian-themed birthday party(there was a part of the original book where he wished to move to Australia, and Oxenfourd himself is from there as well, because here, Alexander is OBSESSED with Australia.). I secretly knew which direction this movie would take, and I begged the film not to go there. But, as with the worst of the worst, it went to said direction, giving us the male strippers I mentioned earlier. This, now, was the only film I walked out of before the end credits

I hated this film. And I can't believe how these critics not managed to put this in the same lines as North, Richie Rich, and Milk Money. Probably because being mentioned with those travesties would give Alexander some kind of appeal. Trust me, it is not. It's really not.

All in all, Alexander and the Needlessly Long Title ends up being one of the worst films, I've personally had the displeasure to see in 2014. Stay away from this awful film if you can. Don't see this even if you think you'll like it. I certainly tried, and look what happened then!

Final Result- E Ranking (0.5 stars out of five)

Reviewed by Shilo Sixx 2 / 10

Wish for stupid movies and you get them

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is a pathetic new comedy starring Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner and they are wasted short of stupid on screen. Based on a book for 1972, this picture has everything wrong with it.

It's about the cooper family, Alexander (Ed Oxenbould), Anthony (Dylan Minnette), Emily (Kerris Dorsey), Kelly (Jennifer Garner) and Ben (Steve Carell). After Alexander suffers a bad day, he makes a wish that his family could suffer the same fate for one day and the wish, magically, comes true. Soon after, everyone experiences "something bad" and Alexander is stuck to try and fix the whole mess.

If this is what new "family comedy" is, it needs to be re-thought fast. This picture is nothing short of poorly written and stupid. It had me wanting to leave the theatre early into the first act. The backdrop for the story, the "wish", is executed with bad direction and used to move the story with no real reason. Justin Cooper did this in "Liar Liar" and had a real purpose to use the backdrop. This picture uses it for an excuse.

Typical high-school morons cloud the picture including: a high-school wannabe brat who cares more about showing cleavage and being stupid than she does about being a real human and is beyond full of herself. She is a major drag as, Celia (Bella Thorne), and sends out all the wrong messages to all the kids who will watch the picture. Another is a high-school moron, Dylan, who works perfect for her because he is just as stupid and full of himself, her boyfriend and brother of Alexander.

If sending out all the wrong messages in the film isn't enough, Jennifer educates kids that she has seen everyone's penis, in a car. Nice family conversations. The use of crude humour clouds the picture and is thrown in to explain "boobs", "buttcracks" and a naked baby peeing all over everyone. This is more disturbing than anything, so much for being a kids movie.

As simple as it is written, the story is nothing special. Throughout the bad day, the cast are thrown into one stupid scenario after another with an ending that shocked me to the core. Is 30 year-old strippers at an 8 year-old's birthday funny? This is awful and quite disturbing. I must confess i did not laugh once throughout this picture.

Jennifer and Carrell are embarrassing as two fun loving parents who seem to do all the wrong things when they're supposed to be smart. Swinging around a naked baby, Getting kicked by a terribly fake-looking Kangaroo and letting a baby chew on green markers. There is a sequence where Jennifer's character educates kids with a toddlers book and a typo calls it "How to take a dump". Crude language is the new "family comedy" from Disney.

You can't believe anything from this picture but it is entertaining for a small part. Shawn Levy, who directed the garbage-ridden, "This is where i leave you", produces this and it's becoming clear what his talents are. The lesson of the picture is "Tomorrow is a better day", i can't even believe that from this movie because it's too dumb to believe they could write that into the screenplay and make it work.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is too stupid to watch but Ed Oxenbould is played well enough as the Austerlia-loving Alexander. He is really the only thing good at all. This picture is one of the worst Disney films i have ever seen and is avoidable at all costs. What shocks me is how they can make a film this bad and think people would enjoy it or laugh at it.

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