Alien Abduction


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

Although it lacks some originality, it's awfully well made.

"Alien Abduction" is an example of a so-called 'found footage' movie. In other words, much, if not all the film is supposedly real and was filmed by victims of some sort of supernatural event. The best example was the hugely successful film The Blair Witch Project—a film that cost practically nothing to make and which earned many, many millions of dollars. It's odd, but I have seen very few such films, though I thought the Norwegian film "Trollhunter" was absolutely brilliant and is a real must-see.

When I looked through some of the reviews for this film on IMDb, I noticed that they were a mixed bag. Some really liked it but several didn't and complained that the genre is over-saturated and other films like "Alien Abduction" have already been made. I would agree with this sentiment, as although found footage films can be wonderful, after you've seen a couple, the well starts to run dry. Because of this, no matter how good Alien Abduction is, for many it's an example of too many and too late to care. If, however, you've not been exposed to these sorts of movies, then "Alien Abduction" is certainly worth your time.

The film is set around Brown Mountain in North Carolina—a place where many actual reports of glowing lights have been reported by many. Because of this Alien Abduction has an advantage because weird sightings have been reported in this area for years. Interestingly, I actually lived a couple hours from there and NEVER heard about such stories while I lived in North Carolina…but when I checked online, there were many, many reports. I am VERY dubious about all this, but apparently many people do believe aliens might be involved.

The story concerns a family that is going camping around Brown Mountain. They seem very ordinary in most ways—and this was a positive thing. Because they seemed just like other families in most ways, it made the supposed found footage more believable. The only oddity is that the youngest child supposedly was autistic and loved to film EVERYTHING—and that is supposedly how we got all this footage.

While the family has seen some weird lights, the enormity of the problem doesn't sink in until they happen upon about a dozen cars all abandoned— with doors open and belongings scattered everywhere. While searching through these vehicles, the men in the family are set upon by aliens; you know--the Roswell types you so often have seen in films. But, being a found footage film, you only catch tiny glimpses and it's all very hard to make out. What isn't hard to make out is that Dad disappears— taken by these creatures. Soon, the rest of the family is running for their lives and the aliens seem content at picking them off one at a time.

So is the film any good? Yes. I think it was constructed very well. I loved the music—it was probably the best thing about the film and really helped build the tension. Additionally, the acting was believable and I liked the footage seen at the very end of the video camera being tossed out of the spaceship (which, by the way, was also used at the beginning). All in all, a tense and exciting film in a glutted genre.

By the way, if you do watch, don't turn off the credits as you'll get to see what appear to be interviews with folks who have seen these strange lights at Brown Mountain—though, interestingly, none of these people have claimed to have seen aliens.

Reviewed by Sunny Nah 6 / 10

Good For A Low Budget Movie But Lacks Originality

Im not the biggest fan of found footage movies i find them tedious and boring but since i'm a fan sci-fi/horror and all things UFO and paranormal i had to give this movie a watch.

First of all let me start off by saying this movie has very little to do with the real Brown Mountain lights phenomenon apart from fact its actually filmed in the location and unexplained lights have been witnessed for many years.

On with the review: For a low budget movie this is quite good i found myself watching to the end without falling asleep partly because of the short running time but mainly because it manages to create an atmosphere and well acted throughout with brilliant use of sound and film editing.

There were parts in this movie that creeped me out especially when they encounter the aliens the film makers manage to ramp up the tension by not showing too much of the alien just a fleeting glimpse a bit like the aliens in the Signs film. I can't say their were any jump out of seat moments but it did entertain me to very end.

The thing that lets this film down is that it lacks any originality even the title Alien Abduction lacks imagination. The director is obvious influenced by sci-fi movies certain scenes reminded me of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Signs, Fire In The Sky and The Fourth Kind (look out for abduction scene & owl part).

This is not necessary a bad thing problem is you've seen it all before in better movies there's nothing in this film that separates it..its all bit too cliché and thats ashame because actually not a bad film.

If you like me and enjoyed The McPherson Tape (another family-in-peril-alien found footage film) you're probably dig this but for everyone else i recommend rental or waiting for it to come on TV.

Reviewed by Seb 3 / 10

Brown noise mountain lights

This is another found footage movie, this time the footage comes from a camera which has been dropped out of a UFO where aliens are torturing someone with a dentists drill. Luckily the camera has survived several days of use without recharge and being punted out of a flying saucer from near-orbit. The aliens are mad to throw away a camera that reliable in my opinion.

So the movie has shown you the ending within the first few minutes. The family themselves are bland and uninteresting but there are some funny moments and I mean funny as in badly done. Witness the argument that explodes out of nowhere in the car when they suddenly decide they are lost.

"I didn't make the mountains! They go up and they go down!" That's just the kind of thing people say to each other during car arguments isn't it? Not as funny as the way the aliens flat-pack their victims during abduction though. What a ridiculous effect.

When the aliens do show up it causes the camera to malfunction in a convenient way that shows you very little and instead gives you a blast of annoyingly loud noise to make you jump and some annoying jittery images of rubber alien masks to go with it.

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