Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Western

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Reviewed by Jj l 8 / 10

Mockbuster, a bit entertaining - on a geek level though.

By Jove, dystopian old west has some visitors from outer space.

Hilarious it is, both for all the contradictions, and over the top displays of dynamism; that it makes one seek the strangest of bedfellows to decipher this one-piece. Band names so hilarious they cut out a sleek bang. Spoiler! A Faux Pas is cooking.

We Butter The Bread With Banter — Oh my guard. Forest guard. Why are you gate keeping a forest you never tread. And being caught off-guard? The Hero, Reinhard getting to lock legs with PTV, Predator The Villain. Blimey! Predator shook his(?) head way too much than he groaned.

Heroin Your Vines — Say the forest is the vineyard. A big walking machine has just landed in here. And very armed. It goes about testing a super-massive weapon on the vines just in case any inhabitant is watching, to witness how it will bring about earth's decimation. Like the heroine does, in a different manner. Like heroin, really.

Godflash (oops) — This! Not the savior of the universe. It's the beams. The shots. The signals. The eyesight … They just surpassed the Jesus status.

Aesthetic Hunt Promotions — Because matters of the heart! The aesthetic value exists in the alien's heart (should it have one). So now it's obvious why a beauty will promulgate the alien's wish back to space, all in the name of science. Duh! Pure Aesthetic Heart Promotions.

Mourning Teleportations — Falling. Into a world, well past morning. In a ball of ash. Teleportation so conspicuous! What is being named here? Morning Teleportations could after all be worth the wait since no one knows what else could snap out of the "gravitational anomaly", besides a predator and a green alien.

Reprobate Romans — Doing it as they do in the proverbial town, especially when it could turn out being labeled immoral. Beauty and beast, only that beauty doesn't take being eaten before having a bath as one idea to be in the nude about.

Yo! My waking habits will now beg a question. But I won't curse the shriek of a sneaky Methuselahesque alien. Yet.

Reviewed by Horse_Caulk 1 / 10

Brilliant! Genius! Awesome and original creature design!

If you thought that SyFy and Asylum films represented the lowest of the low, move over bacon, there's a new sheriff in town.

I could go on and on about how this is little more then a student film with a slightly higher budget.

...but I won't.

I could insult the brutally pathetic director/writer/producers for having less shame then a middle aged prostitute in Alabama who wants her own reality show...and simply won't take no for an answer.

...but I won't.

I could make countless references to how this film is not just "studenty", but in pretty much every way imaginable is actually written, produced, directed, and executed at literally a sub-student level.

...but I won't.

I could even suggest that comically inept and brutally shameless juvenile film-sociopaths like these should truly be jailed in some sort of future hypothetical Cinema-Crimes facility for those who blaspheme and tarnish the shining and majestic institution which they are not even fit to mop the floors of.

...but I won't.

And I could laugh, point, and mock the equally hilarious/shameless creature design, which everyone will be doing soon anyway.

...but I won't.

I'll simply say what I often say after watching a few minutes of films like these (who can make it past a few minutes?). This film, and others like it, are no more or less than the result of the extreme and intense enthusiasm of people who lack the talent and skill to make a decent film, but have all the drive and motivation that legitimate film makers do. Why else would bad (well, foul, actually) films get made?

Wait, strike that, they actually have MORE drive/motivation than real film makers, come to think of it. Finding funding for a kiddie-script like this must certainly be far more difficult then shopping a good/decent/great script around. We've found the true core problem! They suffer from misdirected hyper-motivation syndrome. Mindless noobs like these should be required by law to take some sort of motivation-reducing pharmaceutical yet to be invented by a film-loving doctor/researcher somewhere.


Bad films have always been a part of cinema. But never so much as now. Digital (i.e. "video" cameras) have opened the door to lessor-noobs who would not have even made the cut for being a "bad film maker" in past film history. Talk about Less Than Zero? How can you suck MORE then a really bad film maker? Well, now you can. GO PROGRESS! It's a new era of suckage which has never existed before, a hitherto unseen and lusciously putrid era of worse-then-bad films from stylistic/mental children with LOADS of drive and overflowing bucketfuls of motivation. And wait, it's only getting worse. Imagine a decade from now, when the tools will have become even more affordable and accessible for even LESS talented film-tards! Oh the horror! But, and it's a very small "but", this film does have some small value for those who enjoy the Asylum films, and any other unintentionally hilarious bad films. Additionally, it is of great value to film students, as a stern warning of what might happen if they neglect their studies, forget their theory, and/or abandon all of their aspirations towards achieving ANY level of proficiency in any single area of production.

Lobby hard, everyone, for legislation in the near future to prosecute crimes against cinema. I suggest a stinking and highly unhygienic floating prison island, where the cine-criminals are forced to watch only the movies produced by the inmates for 23.5 hours a day. Oh, and Ewe Boll films. Life sentences for all of them!

Please, see this film!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

Spoof? "Predator" tribute? Or just downright stupidity?

Well, well, well... "Alien Showdown: The Day the Old West Stood Still" (or "Alien Predator War"), yep it is one of those movies alright. Whether this movie is a spoof, an actual movie or an homage to the "Predator" franchise, well I suppose that is depending on how you approach this movie. It was blatantly copying so many things from the "Predator" movies.

You have an alien spacecraft crashing on Earth and an armored extraterrestrial emerging from the wreckage, in a suit that looks like a discount version of a predator outfit that was put together in a tool shed out in the backyard. And the face of this creature was a down-right imitation of the predator's, except they didn't manage to actually make it capable of opening up like the predator's did. And of course, the weaponry and the wrist-panel was also there. Copy, copy, copy...

And lets move on to the main character, Reinhard (played by Robert Amstler), of course he had to be a German cowboy with a lovely Schwarzenegger-imitated accent. It was just painful to witness. As for the acting here, well don't get worked out, because there is no acting going on, it is basically just running through a forest and shooting at a man in a plastic and rubber alien suit.

This is without a doubt a low budget and an amateurish movie, but they actually did manage to pull it off well enough, despite its lack of a proper storyline and despite its complete rip off of the "Predator" concept. The movie was just bad enough to actually be entertaining. This is the type of movie that requires no brain activity at all.

The thing I loved the most about this movie was that this top secret project about the alien transmitter at the top of the mountain, had just a single guard posted at a random location on the side of the forested mountain, standing at a gate. It was just epically stupid. One man to guard an entire mountain, to which you could easily go around and just scale the mountainside from any location to get to the transmitter. It was hilarious. Thumbs up on that one!

And also the fact that Reinhard's skeleton was there without the garments he wore back in 1854, as they had deteriorated and crumbled away to the decay of time, but still his journal had survived. I guess paper is just all the more durable to the ravages of time compared to fabric of clothing. Right, indeed!

This movie is the type of movie you just watch for a laugh at the stupidity of it all, and how cheesy and badly acted that it is. It is the type of movie you watch when you are seriously hung over and don't have to use your brain at all. It is the type of movie you watch once and never ever again, being left with a notion of 'seriously?'

Although amateurish and low budget, it did fare better than many other low budget movies. It is not amongst the worst of such movies I have seen. But don't have your hopes up too high...

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