All American Bikini Car Wash


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Mindy Robinson as Tracy
Erika Jordan as April
Kayla Collins as Kelly
Ana Foxx as Bikini Interview Girl 1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas Crymes 7 / 10


Is it going to win any Oscars? No, but it's not trying to. If you watch this movie you are watching it to see good-looking women in Bikinis, nudity, some R-Rated sex scenes, and a little humor. It delivers on all these fronts. It doesn't really matter that it's angling to ape other teen sex comedies. It doesn't matter that the plot is a framework for the T & A.

The two male leads do a decent job and the production values are higher than I'd expect for a low budget flick, and the women are all hot (some are previous Playboy models). Don't be too analytical, just sit back and enjoy the bewbs.

Reviewed by Roscoe Boscoe 8 / 10

Fun Flick

All American Bikini Car Wash is pretty much what you would expect to see: Girls in bikinis and lots of outstanding cars. the plot is straight forward: college kid doing badly makes a deal with a prof to pass a course. All this so Dad doesn't find out and he gets kicked out of school. Some pretty funny scenes in the selection of the car wash "attendents". Some good one-liners along the way. A young cast of potential up-and- comers. In general, an easy going fun flick to watch. I liked the cars. Obviously they reached out to some classic car owners in the area to provide vehicles. For an evening of light, humorous entertainment, get a six pack, kick back, and have some fun.

Reviewed by jaxorama-148-962882 1 / 10

No, don't do it.

I felt cheated by this movie because not all the women in the movie appear topless. It runs for 90 minutes, pretending there is a plot, when there isn't as made obvious by the title of the movie itself. A review of 4.9 at the time of watching this film made me believe there would be some laughs at least. But there was not even one. Even the gratuitous display of boobs couldn't make up for what an utter waste of time and money this movie was for me. I wouldn't recommend this movie even if I was its producer and distributor. How do I write more to make this review long enough to fit 10 lines? Gosh, I think I am putting more thought into this review than the scriptwriters did.

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