All Girls Weekend


Action / Adventure / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trashgang 2 / 10

all dump and dumper weekend

This is ultra low budget for sure. Just look towards what is happening, it is a must see because this is so bad that you will love it. To give an example, the cover is the most terrifying thing to see.

It's just one big joke, there's no horror, the story itself is unbelievable and the effects if there are any are laughable too because you never see what is happening, yes, off-camera we call it. yes, the red stuff do flies here and there on faces but that doesn't make a horror flick. It takes a while before the girls set-off for a hike and by the conversations they are having and the stupid situations at home you do know immediately what kind of flick you will see. The first encounter with horror is so dull. They are sitting in the woods and after a lazy conversation one of them says, what's that smell. Suddenly all girls do smell it and what does it reveal, rotting flesh laying a bit further, admit it viewers, you would smell it instance and not after 1à minutes of yawning talking.

And so this flick goes on and on, with one girl touching some poisonous leaves while wiping her crouch, yes, you've guessed it, itching fingers and itching crouch, a must see how those girls are handling that.

So weird that this flick didn't bother me at all, and towards the end the possession of the woods comes in with stock footage of a beer. All girls weekend? Guess they are more stupid then dump and dumper.

Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 0,5/5 Story 0,5/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by grey1066 3 / 10

Not as bad as it sounds

Assuming you've read the other reviews on this page, I'm skipping all the diatribe about that the budget was supposedly $1,000,000. Yes, for that amount of money this should have been much better. However, as a low budget, bare-bones horror film, it really wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I have certainly seen worse films with better reviews. The story is simple, yet ambitious, and if it fails to live up to that ambition, well...better luck next time.

The editing was iffy, the acting spotty (sometimes decent, sometimes bad), but the location is visually appealing and little things made it somewhat enjoyable to watch, if only once. I won't use spoilers, but the progression of the second-to-main character is actually fairly subtle and interesting. If you watch the beginning and the end you'll see what I mean.

In sum, is this a great film? No. Is it the worst possible film ever made? No. I found it on YouTube and the comments there are much more forgiving, perhaps because they didn't read these reviews first.

Reviewed by dave-leary 1 / 10

Worst film ever made?

I like to finish every film I start watching, this one was tough to get through.

I honestly don't know how to describe all girls weekend, it's just so bad in every way possible, it doesn't have a single redeeming feature - i'd go as far as saying that anyone who writes a positive review about this film is being paid or a friend of the director/cast.

You have trash like killer klowns from outer space, it's bad but you can have a laugh. Even when you really drag the bottom of the barrel for things like The Nostril Picker - again terrible film but enough wtf moments to still laugh.

This film offers nothing, it's dull, pointless, stupid even - the "deaths" if you can call them that are ridiculous, it contains the worst film death ever - it's not even bad funny, just sad.

Inspired by the descent? HOW????

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