All Things Fall Apart


Action / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 2241


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Ray Liotta as Dr. Brintall
50 Cent as Deon
Elizabeth Rodriguez as Mrs. Lopez
Ambyr Childers as Sherry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rlsims82 6 / 10

I Wasn't Really Sure...

Initially, after watching this movie I wasn't sure what I thought. However, after thinking about it for a while (and forcing myself to get past that ridiculous looking Bob Marley wig 50 cent wore for the first chuck of the film...yikes!) I decided I didn't hate it. Mostly, I like the humbling of the main character, the lessons he learned about himself, and the family ties were a little heartwarming. I also appreciate how he committed to the role. I give him a B+ for effort! He's come a long way (remember Get Rich or Die Trying'?). But it was too long, and as soon as I thought we were in the home stretch, it kept going and took MORE sad turns. I started to feel duped and like I had not signed up for this kind of melodrama! Certainly not the worst thing I've seen on BET though. Not bad 50!

Reviewed by mystic_lover55 7 / 10

Things do fall apart

The story line for this movie was excellent. The setting was believable enough to carry as a college background. I enjoyed 50 cent's portrayal of a young man dealing with life's struggles and unexpected bumps in the road. This movie brought tears to my heart. I appreciate 50 and the cast of this movie for putting together such a thoughtful message. (When life gives you lemons....). Even though there are moments where the acting was strained, I still take the movie as a whole and consider it to be great. I enjoyed the fact that it is basically a G rated type movie. I would allow my children to watch it and I would refer it just as much as some other inspirational movies. Thanks for keeping it clean.

Reviewed by Timmy English 5 / 10

I admire his commitment to the film

"Just finished watching "Things fall apart "starring 50 cent,and some other great stars like Lynn Whitfield, and others, it was an interesting movie , and he did a great job , but i have to say , he still got ways to go the movie was 3-outa 5 for me ,considering all the senior stars , and Lynn Whitfield - did her thing... but some reason emotional- i just couldn't get into it , and it lacked depth, and compassion, however the movie is going to be a great DVD , and looking forward to more projects from him-fifty cent a.k.a Curtis James Jackson III, i also admired his commitment to the film,with the weight loss and more, I am sure in the future , there will be more to come

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