Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Sharon Stone as Jesse Huston
James Earl Jones as Umslopogaas
Richard Chamberlain as Allan Quatermain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Movie Nuttball 10 / 10

Laugh-out-loud stupid!

At this moment Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold is at the IMDb bottom 100: #89 and I really disagree.It has a good cast which includes Richard Chamberlain,Sharon Stone,James Earl Jones,and Henry Silva! It has very good music,and very beautiful scenery and good action.What is wrong with the movie?I really don't know what else to say except if you haven't seen it yet rent it!Its a good movie!

Reviewed by artzau 5 / 10

Hey! I liked it!...kinda

"...makes Plan 9 from Outer Space look like Citizen Kane...(?)" C'mon. A bit of hyperbole now and then is OK but this comment is a bit overdone. Hey, I liked this movie. Dumb? Yep. Lousy script. Yep again. I would guess that H. Rider Haggard would be rolling in his grave at the considerably less than good job they did on this one. Is it dog? Likely. I think that not only James Earl Jones did it for the paycheck. I think Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone and Henry Silva did it for the paycheck too. But, then Chamberlain made the Towering Inferno, which was not only bad but boring, in which he played a bad guy. But, seriously folks, getting back to this amusing remake of King Solomon's Mines, you can't take this film seriously. Too bad, though. Being one who loves costume dramas, the script does leave some talented people with little to do but try and keep a straight face while stumbling through the action. Check it out for yourself.

Reviewed by Doramius 10 / 10

Something You Have To Appreciate

This is one of those movies where you really like it or hate it. On the general, most all people who like to get emotional towards movies and like direct realism will not like this movie. These people need to get unstuck from their non-creative lives and watch a few more B-Movies or just not watch or comment on them.

This is a classic mode of low budget film creation that truly shows excellent creativity with actors on the 'Dime Payroll'. First of all this is a action/fantasy film and you cannot think that it is in anyway close to realism. I'm sure tribal people watching this would wonder what country they were trying to imitate. People became too used to the major motion pictures of Indiana Jones, which was made as close to realism of the time as possible, and turned their heads away from these low budget films which they expected the same reality to show through. This, in its own, was practically a comedy, though dry and witless at times, and secondly an action movie. This film was made for exactly what it was, simple action. This what is often dubbed, "A Man's Movie".

The movie is about a brother who is trying to find out where his sibling is, or what may have been his demise, after receiving something that clues him into what the missing relative was looking for, "The legendary White Tribe of Africa that live in the Lost City of Gold". Once Arrived, a mad lord of the city is discovered with his servile evil queen.

This is an excellent movie and one that can be found on most shelves of cult classics. Great movie to have laughs and a small film party.

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