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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danew13-303-737223 3 / 10

Brainless British Copy of Brainless Yank Comedy Style

The best thing about Almost Married is smoking hot Emily Attack (Atack). Other than her the plot of this film mimics such Vince Vaughan gems of the absurd as the Dilemma....where you have an obvious problem and an equally obvious solution, something that eludes the two buddies who are the main characters...a future bridegroom and his self serving manipulative best man.

They take a serious yet simple problem and morph it into a saga-like road trip in an attempt to find a hooker who may have given the groom the clap only a few weeks before his wedding. Unlike the In-Betweeners, the two guys are adult English working class pals who act so gormless you may understand why some school GCSE scores are so low.

There are few laughs in this film because stupidity is passed off as comedy without any basis or punch-line for humour. By the film's end it had become so tedious I couldn't wait for the credits.

I'm looking for some intelligent comedy being made other than Woody Allen films. The British used to be good at this. This film isn't one of those products.

Reviewed by justin-141-697592 8 / 10

Never judge a film by it's cover

Almost Married had been on my list of films my wife and I would one day get round to watching. I off course was judging the film poster and the trailer, expecting a typical narrative of a young couple about to get married, have a crisis, resolve it, and live happily ever after. I was so wrong! Director Ben Cookson film is a refreshing surprise. It is funny, but dig deeper and issues, of dishonesty, lies, deceit, and betrayal bubble to the surface.The film feels like an observational documentary, raw unrehearsed with a surprising ending. My wife and I enjoyed the story line and the friendship between Kyle and Javis. You only need to look at Kyle's expression at the very end to know the truth.

Almost Married is a good investment of your time... so don't miss it!

Reviewed by Quotius 5 / 10

Misleading reviews?

I'm not sure if I was watching the same movie as the other reviewers that have all left 8 and above, it begs the question of what they rating they give a good film.

Personally I'm a big fan of British movies, I do what I can to see them and rent them when they come up. I have a lot of faith in the acting and writing of fellow Brits to deliver. From Blackadder to Four Lions there's a lot of genius in British comedy. Sadly none of it is here.

That said the dialogue and direction are good, there was plenty of quality that helped mask an underlying problem. Eventually the dialogue seems to become very repetitive. After an hour I'd got bored of the whining of the protagonist and the sheer banality of his mate, with too few laughs to lift the movie from being dreary. Just because a movie has men wee-ing in it and talks about STI's doesn't make it edgy or even particularly clever and it certainly doesn't make it funny.

5 stars isn't bad for me and its a nod to the positive aspects of the film. It's better than I could do, but it isn't good.

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