Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bjarias 7 / 10

..there are many way worse.. you just have to relax and let it flow..

This is a nicely done romantic-drama with an Asian twist. The leads are well matched. She is seriously gorgeous (from every camera angle), and an actor that many will definitely be on the lookout for in the future. The third important lead in the film is the city of Hong Kong itself. For those who have never been, it gives a very good feel and look inside this bustling metropolis. It's a simple story.. one that's been told time and again. They're both with other people, and cross paths with someone to whom they both have an attraction and almost instant connection. The dialogue comes easy, time moves along at a relaxed pace, although the story lacks complexity. It happens infrequently, but here's another rom-com-drama where there's no kissing, and little touching (except for a handshake and a brief dance). Of course running into each other the second time (especially in this complex city) would be nothing short of miraculous, but without it there is no movie. At the end do they make one more stop.. they want you feeling the answer is in her final glance.

Reviewed by Chatao Lauj 8 / 10

Realistic & Satisfying

I rarely ever write reviews on movies because I feel like the movie I just watched would be ruined if I picked it apart too much. This movie though, it was refreshing from the romantic movies that I'm used to watching. I'll keep it short and try to be spoiler free as possible.

So, as Josh and Ruby are walking through the streets of Hong Kong they explain why they're there (Hong Kong) in the first place, and that leads them to sharing some excerpts of their lives. The night is going great for both of them until Josh throws a "curve ball" at Ruby, then their fun night quickly ends with quick and awkward goodbyes that are filled with disappointment.

They meet again out of the blue after a whole year has gone by, and they decide to hang out for the night like they did when they first met. They carry on into the night like nothing has changed; very comfortable with each other and just that it factor that makes it seem they've known each other for a long time. The night is going well and it was about to end on a good note until "something realistic" happened, and yet again, they both find themselves in a precarious spot. Josh and Ruby decide to end the night, and so they split a cab. They discuss what happened earlier (sort of), the cab stops at Ruby's address, and the cab men tells them to hurry up because they were still talking. The cab man then asks them "Do you want two stops?". The movie ends without Josh or Ruby answering the question.

My last few sentences in the paragraph above this paragraph might give you a hint as to what the "curve ball" and "something realistic" is, but that's okay because there's much more to this movie than those two aspects. The reason why I really like this movie is because it really touch bases with real life situations, especially when you're presented with choices that impacts your future. Another reason why I like it is because of the ending. You're left to think of what would happen next, and you wouldn't know what would happen next because of the context of what was said in the car, and what happened earlier before Josh and Ruby got into the cab. The faces you are presented with by Josh and Ruby is what really drives the ending because all of their emotions are very well presented and it really shows that life is tough and confusing when you have to make a tough decision.

Hopefully my review didn't give away too much, and I highly recommend it because this movie is one of those movies where it really just makes you ponder about life. Even if you don't want to ponder about life, you should still watch this. Too many life lessons in this movie for you to not watch it. Happy watching!

Reviewed by shezi89 8 / 10

a spark of romance in HONG KONG

How far would you allow your connection with one person to alter your life?

I found this movie very refreshing in this day, from a long line of cheesy romance wanna be movies, this one is set apart and definitely worth the watch.

I have watched it twice in one day and feeling refreshed with each watch, something about the story that sparks at realism, yeah the acting is not the best, the chemistry not that great but the movie has an undertone of something for those in relationships to really think about in regards to how they allow themselves to be accessed by other and the ultimate question of are you content in your relationship?

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