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Olivia Williams as Meg Hamilton
Matthew Modine as Alec Hamilton
Antonia Clarke as Penny Hamilton
Steve Oram as Nigel Lean
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Reviewed by begob 4 / 10


Haunted house story.

A couple with money worries and two kids move to an old house on the moors so the wife can work on renovating it for her client. Turns out the house was the scene of a murder and suicide a long time agoooo ...

This is very busy, with lots of plot points and subplots. Plus you get to channel The Shining, The Grudge, and The Woman in Black. But in the end you're left with no idea where the evil comes from - just that it's something to do with a Rosicrucian ritual with no clear purpose.

There are four characters who come and go purely for exposition - the client, the builder, the killer's ghost, and the ghost whisperer. Turn up, give a little speech on the back story, and ... poof - they're gone for good. And strictly speaking the son isn't necessary either. And what is the victim's ghost up to? Saving the next victim, avenging her own death?

There's a vial of some liquid, a bizarre red potion, blood here and there, a mysteriously ringing telephone, and some google research. The jump scares are not effective (no fridge door!), and at no point do you fear for the female characters. It's a mess.

The production and acting are quality (how old is Modine - doesn't look good from certain angles), so the director's screenplay has to take the blame. Ghost stories are all about dark secrets, but this one skipped that part of the process.

ps. I'm completely wrong - look at all the reviews posted in April 2015. Hehe!

Reviewed by Barry Traish 5 / 10

Ghost story which borrows heavily

The Altar is a ghost story in the classic tradition. Meg (Olivia Williams), Alec (Matthew Modine) and their children move in to a decrepit Yorkshire mansion whilst Meg restores it for the owner. Over the next couple of months the haunted nature of the house becomes apparent, with the usual banging sounds, slamming doors and ethereal appearances. Most of the film relies heavily on Olivia Williams and she does an OK job, with Matthew Modine limping in towards the end.

Undoubtedly, the film borrows heavily from other ghost and spirit films, most notably The Shining, but it was almost like playing bingo, identifying tropes from other films as it progressed, such as The Exorcist, Don't Look Now, etc. The TV movie feel and austere feel of the grand old house give a 1970s drama feel to the film. Some may associated this with quality drama, some with cheap production values.

There are some plus points: the old Yorkshire mansion and it's windswept grounds give a good background feeling, and the explicit pictures of the ghosts is usual and scarier than most in the genre - more like The Grudge than Turn of the Screw.

Overall, I was left with the question, why? Did this movie really need to be made?

Reviewed by amesmonde 6 / 10

Does what it says on the spirit box

A young family move to an isolated house which the mother has been hired to restore only to discover that presences still linger casting a hold over her artist sculpturing husband.

Taking a leaf from a James Herbert novel and channelling countless haunted films Altar is an effective ghost story chiller, however, what sets director/writer Nick Willing's offering apart are the practical and some special effects which have an optical natural feel as opposed to the usual ineffective blatant CGI.

Willing delivers some genuinely eerie visuals and creepy moments, this coupled with a great score and on location shoot help give some credence and atmosphere to the proceedings. Matthew Modine's Hamilton sports a Shining Jack Torrence like woollen jumper (the writer character is replaced here by an artist) and mimics Torrence's transformation (although quite speedy) still Modine gives an intense performance. Both the younger actors are effective, actress Antonia Clarke is notable as Penny. Olivia Williams gives convincing performance which complements the naturalistic writing and setting.

While it breaks no new ground in terms of ghost stories or twist endings it's a solid old school British horror.

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