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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slabihoud 8 / 10

Robert Altman: too large for one film

I fully agree with the reviewer from Finland. The film is well made, lots of snippets of old interviews and many voice-overs by family members. But consider the sheer amount of films that should be covered, not to mention the many layers they have, it is ridiculous to thing one can do them justice in about 90 minutes. Just think that most of Altman's film ran about 2 hours and more and often have a multitude of characters. So is his life. What this documentary offers is just a very short synopsis, a glance that raises some questions but has no time to answer. A good example of what is missing, there are many famous people in his films, many still living, some were invited to answer the question, what they consider as "altmanesque", but they were not allowed to say any more! what a missed chance!! They might tell some sides we don't get from the family. I guess we have to wait for another Altman documentary to get all in one!

Reviewed by gavin6942 8 / 10


A look at the life and work of American filmmaker Robert Altman.

For anyone who loves film and its history, this is a must-see documentary. The career of Robert Altman spanned many decades and he worked with just about anyone who was anyone, making some of the greatest films of all time. Some duds, too, but that will happen.

Rather than just talking to a handful of people about their memories, this mixes in plenty of home footage, Altman's own memories, and those of his wife. While his career could fit into a much longer film, for the time frame allotted they did a great job covering his whole life and leaving us wanting more rather than opening up the possibility we could get bored.

Reviewed by George Wright 5 / 10

Movie-Maker's Career

I found this documentary a comprehensive review of Robert Altman's life's work, highlighting the director's determination to be independent of Hollywood conventions. Even though he was born in 1925, Altman was totally in sync with the following generation, the post-war baby boomers who first came of age in the 1960's. His anti-establishment stance never wavers as he thumbs his nose at the military, President Nixon, commercialism, and the election process. One of the most erudite talk show hosts Dick Cavett, a cultural icon of the youth generation, appears in the documentary, a nice touch.

Beginning as a writer of television scripts in the 1940's Altman eventually graduated to being a movie director. The movie MASH is one of the classic anti-war movies that treats it with a large dose of humour. Actors like Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland seemed to fit the temper of those times. "Nashville" seems to reflect an unease with American culture under the silent majority of Richard Nixon who pandered to the culture of working class white people and their love of country music.

Later, Michael Murphy was tapped for the role of Jack Tanner in Tanner '88, a television show that Altman believes changed television as an entertainment medium. He also had worked with some of the best comediennes such as Carol Burnett and Lilly Tomlin. Altman cast Robin Williams as Popeye in the movie of the same name. It bombed and we are treated to Gene Shalit's review of the debacle. This movie highlighted Altman's belief that the major studios were only interested in blockbusters like Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

One of his most critically acclaimed movies was Gosford Park, with some of the finest British talent available at the time. This movie went beyond the stage-like production of the Upstairs, Downstairs television show and presented a more biting picture of the British class system in a lavish production that also prefigured the success of a much later TV show Downton Abbey.

Among these and other films, we see home movies of Altman, his wife Kathryn and their children. We also see some trenchant comments from Altman himself about his career and work. The documentary gives us a great view of this highly creative American director and his work.

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