America: Imagine the World Without Her


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Robert Dane Goodwin as American Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thornsthorns 1 / 10

Revisionist Garbage marketed as being correcting revisionist history

Revisionist Garbage marketed as being correcting revisionist history Anyone with a semblance of understanding of philosophy, history and logic can tell you the garbage this video puts forth.

It uses logical fallacies such as confirmation bias, circular reasoning, ad hominem attacks, begging the question,equivocation, false dilemma choice etc.

It regularly suggests there is only two options two possible outcomes, either what happened or a horrible second alternative, when in truth there are myriads of 3rd, 4th, 5th and multiple other sequences of events that could have happened or actions been done by America.

It regularly uses the argument everyone else was doping this evil, therefore this wasn't evil. Except any non-biased fool can tell you, two wrongs do not make a right, and evil will always be evil.

And that is the liberal argument, that this film with its slick message tries to discredit.

the liberal argument is not that America is worse than say Nazi Germany, USSR, British Colonialism, just that it is our modern present day remaining Colonialist Imperialist nation.

Throughout history there has always been one, committing horrible crimes on the weaker nations to devour their resources and increase its own imperial agendas. and now in the 20th and 21st century, that nation happens to be the USA. the only remaining nation.

All the other nations are too weak individually to do it, and suffer from the problem of Mutually Assured Destruction if they try to. So America leads the way, and the other nations follow like the sidekicks of criminals.

Sadly this program seems mind opening with its flash marketing skills, and the verbosity of its words, and deliverance, but when it comes to the staple of its argument it is deficient.

Much like modern American junk food, nutritiously non-existent, artificial, chemically laced, poisonous, and laced with hyper fat, hyper sugar, hyper stimulants, addictive agents and feel good compounds.

keep on a diet such as this and you will end up suffering from its consequences.

or you can wake up, and realise what this tripe is for what it is, accept the truth and improve your body, your nation.

Or leave it as it is, and let America the nation die of obesity, diabetes, hearth disease, liver failure and every other metaphorical example you can think of.

Reviewed by Desertman84 1 / 10

Another Documentary From D'Souza

Dinesh D' Souza would not be deterred for another 100 minute rant against President Barack Obama and the Democrats before he serves his jail sentence later this year after he pleaded guilty of felony last May for the Federal campaign finance law violations he committed.The Ivy league graduate and Indian conservative immigrant who created 2016:Obama's America is at it again for the sake of the Republicans in the coming mid-term elections this coming November 2014.This time around,he has another political documentary entitled "America:Imagine The World Without Her" as he tries to entice the American audience by provoking their feelings of nationalism and patriotism with regards to what would it be like if the United States never existed and the things that the country has done wrong as a cover to his rant against liberalism.

D'Souza starts his documentary by presenting questions such as what would have happened to the United States if the George Washington was killed during the American Revolution against the British or if the country was divided after the Civil War during President Abraham Lincoln's time that would have created a country that is in a situation that is far worse off that what President Obama has brought the country into during his term as President of the United States.Interesting. That could have probably sparked some debate among the audience after watching this film.Some feelings of the love of the country would have been provoked.No question about it.But what sets this film up for failure right away is the expected bias that D'Souza will provide in favor of the Conservatives.He paints a picture that the country is headed towards that direction due to the failures of the current administration and if we continue to put our faith on the Democrats.It is just trying to say that Republicans have only done great things for the country and deserves all credit for making what the United States is as an economic power.We all know that isn't true.BOTH Democrats and Republicans have done GOOD and BAD THINGS for the country.

Then D'Souza proceeds into telling us about the conspiracy by academics and activists that have created a culture of "shame" about the history of the country.He mentions things that the Americans have stole Indian land,Mexican land,African slaves,global colonies and oil and that the capitalists are stealing from the Americans currently as it is allowed by the Administration.He sets out to dismiss each of those "wrongdoings" by blaming who else - the Liberals - for covering up the truth as he mentions Howard Zinn,who wrote a book about de-mythologizing American wrongdoings in history.Zinn happens to be an well-known leftist and a conservative like D'Souza makes him a great target.

D'Souza also whines about that the "capitalists are under fire" but fails to mention Wall Street's illegal activities .He also mentions about "conquered lands" especially when he complains that the Sioux Nation should refuse compensation given to them by the Americans and he also dismisses the notion of lingering impact of slavery on African- Americans,Vietnam fiasco and other events in American history.Too bad that as he mentions these issues,he addresses them through interviews with WELL-KNOWN CONSERVATIVES like Senator Ted Cruz,a potential presidential candidate,and RIGHT-WING IDEOLOGICAL HACKS that point out faults to the leftists instead of interviewing reputable academics and historians who are well-versed about the issues.

Overall,D'Souza is trying to teach us about American history to instigate conservatism instead of educating the viewers in this poorly researched and badly written documentary.Too bad that many people have given this a high rating due to the provocation of feelings of love for the country but fail to realize that they are being manipulated into admiring another third-rate documentary just like 2016:Obama's America,which is not based on facts but on promotion of D'Souza's biased thoughts on the issues being discussed,INTO EMBRACING CONSERVATISM or better yet voting for Republicans in the coming mid-term elections.

Reviewed by Julienne Ford-Mason 10 / 10

Historically Factual and Patriotically Passionate

Bravo Mr. D'Souza, for revealing the truth of History in such a factual and articulate manner...and God Bless you for your passion for our country.

Having earned a Masters is History from Oxford University in Great Britain, I've learned and seen first hand what's happening to America right now. There are anti-American people that will want to alter or pervert the history of a country to support their version of why they are motivated to act or speak about their country the way they need to.

Specifically regarding this film, I knew that most Indians (80-85%) in America died of diseases carried over from Europe and other countries. I also knew that there were thousands of Black Slave Owners before the Civil War. I also know, that Americans have died around the world, while attempting to aid the oppressed in other "Freedom Seeking," lands.

People that would believe otherwise, have an subversive agenda.

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