American Hero


Action / Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
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Stephen Dorff as Melvin
Eddie Griffin as Lucille
Dominique Perry as Yolanda
Starlette Miariaunii as Pool Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ndatnguyen 8 / 10

A Good Movie - But A Bad "Superhero" Movie

I really enjoyed watching this movie. That said, I went in with very little expectations and I did not expect it to be Man of Steel or even Hancock. If all you want to see is a Hollywood superhero action movie, then this is not the movie for you.

This movie is about a guy with superpowers, not a superhero. It's depiction is much more down to earth, mundane, and realistic compared to the glamorous and romantic depiction of people with super powers in other movies like The Marvel and DC films.

It's about a pretty average, albeit really irresponsible guy who deals with his own personal issues.. he also just so happens to have telekinesis. I say give it a chance unless you want an action packed "superhero" movie.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 6 / 10

Closer-to-life version of Jean Grey and Professor X

It may be strange that a mockumentary crew follows a random underachiever guy who just lost custody of his son and sent to community service. After a while it turns out he has special power, a straight up X-Men material also accompanied by his best buddy in wheelchair. The movie later follows his squandered life, which is quite identifiable because he struggles with daily problems even with his superpower, although the cycle of his drug abuse can be monotonous at the end.

Superheroes movies usually opt for mix of fantasy, using outlandish power, and connection to the character, displaying their flaws to humanize them. American Hero clearly leans towards the latter as Melvin (Stephen Dorff) stumbles even on ordinary problems, let alone crime fighting. He looks stoned and disheveled almost the entire time. There's a good quality in his character, though one must look deep enough.

I remember Stephen Dorff from Blade as the cool named antagonist Deacon Frost, as Melvin he's the complete opposite, albeit ironically still with super power. Melvin is talented and smart even without the gift, yet he's using the telekinesis power to grope women with random objects and score drugs. The movie invests so much on establishing that he's a screw up, it has repetitive party montage for a good portion of the runtime, which tends to get stale after a while.

Eddie Griffin as Lucille, the sidekick in wheelchair is also Melvin's moral compass. He's a charismatic comedian, cracking jokes and having tendency to flirt with women, but he presents good brotherhood relationship for Melvin. It's also nice that the movie adds some interviews with supporting chars to establish heroic or mundane atmosphere as well as adding slight realistic flavor.

This is in heart, a comedy drama, not an ambitious use of super power like Chronicle. It does have solid special effect for some sequences, but it's still limited and might not look superbly authentic. The ones that work better are those seemingly happen out of nowhere and its use of mockumentary serves these tricks well.

American Hero might not be as grand as the title or premise suggests, but it brings more connection with the characters than larger sci-fi or action movies. Melvin is not the hero we deserve, he's the one we will have to make do.

Reviewed by johnnmilw 7 / 10

A hero movie without the bling

Finally, a hero movie that doesn't insult our intelligence. Most of us are so used to feats of strength (heavy objects flying through the air, hard objects bending at will, physical skills that defy science)that we forget basic humanity may be a big part of what makes a person a hero. In this movie, we see how an ordinary man, endowed with certain abnormal skills, exhibits more of his human side than his 'super' side. Human qualities, lack of personal direction, love, sympathy, pleasure, self-destruction, etc, can be characteristic of most movies about heroes, but what we eventually is a dizzying display of special effects, demonstrating what is supposed to be 'super human'. There is always a presumption that certain folks are exceptionally moral and/or ethical and usually guns or super human strength (and the explosions, use of force, testosterone-driven theatrics that accompany it) may be necessary in order that the hero wins the day. doubt. But it focuses on the 'super' as opposed to the 'human'. This movie does a fine job focusing on the human condition and does so in a low-key, humorous way. The characters are somewhat exaggerated as to identify various life forces acting within a particular area of this city. Drug-pushers, young children, disenfranchised vets, etc, all play a roll in a rich chemistry of characters. The 'hero', a fun, conscientious partier, trying to escape responsibility, and who, seemingly, follows the adage 'If you don't know where you're going, stay put until you do!' A vet, helpless in some ways, appreciative and in full contact in others, adds many levels of emotion to the movie and us wonderful in it. Overall, if you're expecting Iron Man...move on. If you're OK with may enjoy the subtleties this movie brings to the table.

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