American Ninja 4: The Annihilation


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Harriet Deltubbo 7 / 10

A really good sequel to the series!

In part 4, the two American Ninjas, Joe Armstrong and Sean Davidson, team up to do battle against a terrorist and his band of Ninjas. It is always in people's nature to put down great things and to nitpick or sometimes just be plain mean. No matter what anyone says, this is utterly fantastic, an eye-popping cinematic treat. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them. I am not saying the film is a classic, but I love it. My rating ends up being 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by alucard_castlevania86 8 / 10

Not What I expected But Still Good

After a quite disappointing third sequel, the fourth one did bring back some grace into the franchise (eventhough it didn't work out as I hoped). Steve James resignation for the fourth sequel (and if I'm not mistaken, this film was made before he passed away) in my opinion was due to the fact that the director decided to bring Dudikoff back after a setback in the third installment

For me, the most interesting but could have used a little bit of polishing up in the film was the plot itself. A group of soldiers gets captured by an Arab and English terrorist building a bomb. The American government then sends Sean Davidson (David Bradley) to try and handle the situation and when he fails as well, they finally the send in the back the original kickass ninja pro Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) into the action since it was sort of like when everything else fails, Joe Armstrong doesn't

This was a pretty interesting sequel and probably the 2nd best of the entire series behind Annilation. To get to this film, I have no real idea why Dudikoff agreed to return back to this fourth installment (maybe he did it just for the sake of the fans of the franchise) but thankfully, he really brought the life back into the series (and for fans like myself) even though he didn't seemed like he was in the mood of acting in this sequel. David's character in this sequel in my opinion was far more respectable than in the third one. He might have done a decent if not good job on the 3rd sequel but in my opinion, his performance here as the 2nd leading actor was way better since he really looks more of a ninja expert in this one compared to the third installment

However, there were a few minor complaints that I have for the film. First off, I expected Dudikoff and Bradley to team up together and become buddies like almost immediately in the film but sadly this did not happen for until like the final 20 minutes of the film. The final fights from both sides (Dudikoff's and Bradley's) were not really that entertaining either since Bradley only had to fight a chicken whuss and Dudikoff once again made an Arabic ninja (whose even more quite in the film than Michael was throughout the film) look like a kindergarden amateur

Another complaint that I would like to bring up (although minor) is that I think that it felt like pointless having the scene where Joe was making his weapons (the sword and shurikens) and holding up the sword in front of his face like it was the most important possession that he ever had but in the end, he just fought the enemies with his own bare hands and never used them at all throughout the ending of the film. I think that maybe the director had accidentally forgotten about that part which was why we never got to see Dudikoff using his weapons in the end.

Another part that I have to complain was that they never really told the story of how Joe (Michael) and Sean (David) became friends in the first place and all in all, I felt like maybe this was more of like shrink and squeeze in as much as possible kind of plot story than the one that they had originally intended to create

However, these flaws did not ruin the film too much since I felt it really did make up for the rather disappointing third sequel. All in all, I would really recommend this to all American Ninja fans out there and anyone else who just wants to spend three hours of their time watching some mindless but still a rather fun action movie

Reviewed by Frank Markland 3 / 10

Pretty routine chop-socky

Michael Dudikoff returns as Joe Armstrong, the original American Ninja (Who doesn't even show up until half way) who is forced into single handedly rescuing a delta force team as well as the other American Ninja(David Bradley) after the ninjas provide too much even for him. American Ninja 4 walks the fine line between guilty pleasure and just plain bad. There are moments of sheer stupidity that you just can't help but love the antics. For example the movie asks us to believe that an Arab terrorist would have ninjas guarding him. Or that a gang of Mad Maxish rebels couldn't overthrow the Arab terrorist and his minions until the American Ninja (The one played by Dudikoff) arrived plus the bad guy's army actually takes the time to try and arrest what looks to be a thousand rebel soldiers armed with machine guns and axes. The most ridiculous moment arises when Dudikoff catches an arrow in his mouth which he then uses to stab a ninja in the neck with. (Take that James Bond!) American Ninja 4 does have slightly more life in it's fight sequences than American Ninja 3 but really American Ninja 4 is a sub-par effort in all respects as the action sequences while competent are filmed with lack of inspiration and imagination. Still the movie has just way too many unintentionally amusing moments which almost (but not quite) save the day. American Ninja 4 also becomes a laugh riot due to some of the dialog handled with astonishing straight faced seriousness. For example the Arab terrorist and his sidekick James Booth are excited about the nuke that fits in a briefcase, to which the Arab actually activates it and lets it tick down to 1 second which then has the biggest howl of the movie. "It fills me with ecstasy to know that I was one minute from meeting Allah!" However he never elaborates if he means the drug or happiness in general. When Dudikoff finally blitzes the Arab's stranglehold, the Arab runs to the helicopter which leads to another howler of dialog. "Where we headed?" "MECCA!" It was classic moments like this made me enjoy the cheese of this bad ninja movie. Also of note is that Dudikoff and Booth (The best thespians in the movie) give performances of such contempt that is also vaguely amusing. The disinterested performances are still better than any other performance in the film. My wife who is a good sport, sat through this with me and said the funniest remark. "How lame of a ninja do you have to be to wear a bright yellow ninja suit."

*1/2 out of 4-(Poor)

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