American Pie Presents: The Book of Love


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Beth Behrs as Heidi
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Curtis Armstrong as Mr. O'Donnell
Rosanna Arquette as Rob's Mom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thirucumaran Ratnavadivel 1 / 10

If you're suicidal, go ahead and watch it

Frankly, I would give this one 0 stars if I could!

I've watched the previous 6 American Pie movies, waiting eagerly for each of them to be released.

Band camp was bad, but Naked Mile and Beta House were quite funny, though not as good as the first 3.

However, The Book of Love made me, for the first time ever, regret watching a movie.

I'm not the type who criticizes movies as bad easily, but this has to top it as one of the worst movies ever.

Yes, the tits were nice, but like one person mentioned in, the tits-to-asses ration was skewed heavily in favor of tits, making the movie a bit of a dampener.

I suppose I could've given 2 or 3 stars had someone else better played Stifler.

Frankly, either John Patrick Jordan never watched the preceding 6 parts of AP or else he's a really bad actor.

I mean, his acting was the type where you'd love to somehow kick him in the mid-section if you got a chance. He completely ruined the Stifler 'legacy' with his rigid acting and his laugh, which sounded more like it was coming from a smurf! (Apologies to the smurf community for the insult)

Reviewed by Riyaz Malik 3 / 10

Worst of all American Pie Parts

I saw this movie yesterday and i just wasted my 1:30 hr for watching this movie,u do not expect a great movie out of it but at least it should be a bit entertaining than the previous versions or par with the previous bone crackers.Actors are not at all good.Stifler(who has a bit of commanding role) is a complete waste in this movie,actors are not gorgeous or at least beautiful or at least pleasing,this version has severed the fame of American Pie brand and a huge disappointment to lot of teen comedy lovers.At least they should have repeated actors which may have made the movie a little bit dandy.So sit back and watch other movies instead of wasting your time and money on it.

Reviewed by Mash-the-stampede 4 / 10

American Pie presents: Snore fest 2009 finally happened. The "American Pie" franchise got beaten to death, succumbing to it's inevitable demise with this tired, bored, stupified pathetic excuse for a film "The Book of Love".

Now before I go any further, I have to express that I am indeed an "American Pie" fan and enjoy all the films so far even the straight to DVD released ones of the past few years.

So naturally when I heard of the 7th film's release I was eager to sit back, relax and enjoy some more mindless potty humour and enjoy a few laughs....sadly, there were only a FEW laughs to be had as in I believe there were 2 scenes I found funny. I won't ruin those scenes for anyone who still feels the need to watch this film but I'll just say they involved a women's underwear department store and the other some old ladies false teeth!

The rest of the film relies on tired old jokes from the previous six films which by now aren't funny and are slightly altered to appear fresh and original but just end up falling flat and leave the viewer wondering if they were supposed to laugh or not.

The acting in this film is absolutely atrocious but no surprises there as the only relevant actors in the film were Rosanna Arquette and Eugene Levy who stole every scene he was in. Too bad his scene's were so short that his role was more like a cameo role which is a major shame but I guess this film was done on no budget and what little money they did have was used to pay Mr Levy for the one day of shooting he did for this film.

The characters this time round just weren't memorable and although I just watched the film lat night...I'm struggling to remember any one character's name!

The new "Stifler" was average too and without a string Stifler....what can you expect to get out of a so called "American Pie" film?

The film tries desperately to avoid boredom and throws in many pointless cameos from Hollywood Caleb's such as Bret Michals which just aren't funny!

I think I'll skip adding this one to my collection!

I'm nearly done complaining but before I wrap up....I would like to mention that it's a real shame this film is the one released 10 years after the original. If I was a rich Hollywood movie director/ writer...I would do a film about the original group getting together ten years later to celebrate their High School reunion! Think about how funny that film could be! See how all the characters turned out ten years after high school and what hilarious scenes could unfold if they all end up really drunk at their reunion? Will any old flames be re-ignited? Will Stifler still be an immature horn-bag? Will anyone shag a pie??? And the movie could be called; "American Pie: High School Reunion".

Now that sounds like an "American Pie" film that people would want to see!!!!

Please stop the straight to DVD releases!!!!

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